Cherries in Oil Paint Tutorial

Hi friends! Tonight I have a quick oil painting tutorial for you!


Watch the video to see how!

I am using St. Petersburg Masters Class oils from Pro Art Supplies

About this paint:
Good pigment strength and high quality pigments
Rich buttery consistency
A little goes a long way-great coverage.

Here is the reference photo I used by Bec Bartell on Paint My Photo.


I hope you are have a great day and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. beautiful I should frame that painting have you sign it // Mary


  2. wonderful!
    And I love it the way you improved it by changing the stem of the cherry ….


  3. You did a marvelous job on that, Lindsay!! Love it! I miss my oils so much – it warmed my heart to see you paint with them today! 💝


  4. wow painting came out beautifully as always a great tutorial


  5. Thank you, even though my crafty basement is in no danger of oil painting, I still learn something from these videos….ie… back to front, shadows, shading, highlighting… good stuff, and you make it look so easy????


  6. I also gravitate between oils and water colors, but I have to exercise patience, lots of patience. You did wonderful!


  7. Thank you for review on block markers. They were having a 50% sale and I needed to know how good they. Saved some money from there site. Thank you for your lessions away from big towns .


  8. I meant Blick markers it was an oops


  9. This looks awesome! The cherries look so real!


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