Fluttering Hummingbird Card!

Hi friends! Today I want to share the card I made my sister for her birthday:


I used action wobble springs to make the birds wiggle about. The coloring was done with alcohol markers and distress ink. Watch the video to see how!


*Affiliate links to Simon Says Stamp and Blitzy, I earn a small commission on the sale but it does not cost you more and it helps support my channel, thanks!

I also wanted to let you know that I will have a live painting class tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30pm ET so I hope to see you then as well. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

17 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Love your card, it is stunning.


  2. too cute! thank you very much. purchased a heartfelt creations trumpet vine and humming bird set at a stamp store resale event. looked for someone coloring it on heartfelt website. nothing??? Thank you! Had no clue where to find the wobble widgets either?? and… Thanks for staying up late and filming this for us.


  3. Beautiful card 🙂 Love watching your videos. They are always so informative. Rosie B.


  4. Loved the cards and video. I just found some very small wobbles and ordered them. They were made by Art Impressions. I have not used them yet, but they might solve the problem of having to cut them down.


  5. I love your card! Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wanting these stamps for awhile and now I REALLY want them!


  6. Lovely hummers Lindsay…thanks for all the tips!
    Paper Hugs,


  7. Love this card! Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Canada, Teresa


  8. Do you know where I could get color dusters made of synthetic hair? I’m allergic to several kinds of animal hair (like goat, pony etc) and it’s hard to tell which kind of hair is in a brush if it doesn’t have it printed on it. I can use hog bristles, would that be too stiff?

    Also thanks for informing us about these markers. Copics are wonderful but as I am spending so much money on watercolors and watersoluble media I don’t want to pay a fortune on something I won’t be using that much. I also like the idea you mentioned once to use colored pencils on alcohol markers to spruce up the colors. I have the huge tin of Polychromos so I won’t need so many different colors of alcohol makers.

    I love the colors you used for this card! When I saw the picture I could have sworn you were using the Zigs!


  9. Just got the hummingbird stamp a month ago. Thanks for the incentive to use it. Also just got the Prima metallic watercolors which might give some pizzaz to the breast of the hummingbird. Will you do a review of them sometime?


    • I will be reviewing the Prima Shimmering lights watercolors, not sure if you have those or the other set with the round pans, I have not seen those yet.


      • I have the round metallic pans. they are unusually creamy compared to some other metalics I have from Prang and less expensive mica based paints. ( who can resist a watercolor set from Prang for 4.99? )


  10. I have a hummingbird stamp and I really want to make something fun, like this. Thanks for the inspiration. I can’t find the “thumbs up ” on here or I would give it to you. Be happy.


  11. I really do like this card – already found the stamps on Amazon. FYI one of the sites you always send us to – pegstamps.com has “blending brushes” (new arrival). I already bought them and love them – ordered some more. Thanks for sending me to that site. Love the peg stamps too and your videos.


  12. Beautiful card! Love those hummingbirds.


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