Back to Basics: Sketching with Water Soluble Graphite

Hi friends! I wanted to go back to basics today and play with a very inexpensive media: Graphite. More specifically water-soluble graphite.


It is a great bridge between drawing and painting and you can even erase it when dry. Watch the video to see how easy it is!

I do hope you give it a try. You can find water-soluble graphic sticks at more art supply shops near where the pencils are sold but if you need to order online here are some options. Affiliate links used, thank you for your support!


Let me know if you would like more back to basic project and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Lindsay I love your demo today using water soluble graphite and will be trying it out. You spread so much joy in what you do. It was a great way to start my day!


  2. Lindsay, I so enjoyed this video (as always). I am not an artist at all, but I try to find somethings out there in artist land that I want to try and don’t feel intimated by. This fits me perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents with all of us “wantabees” all the time. Jo-Ann


  3. This is a beautiful picture! I love squirrels and this one is so realistic! TFS!


  4. Linsay, what a delightful subject you chose for a ‘back to basics’ tutorial. I dont think many could resist drawing/ painting this little cutie.
    I benefit so much from your back to basics tutorials. In your videos you always talk us through each srep so thoroughly. For someone like me who only turned to art in the last couple of years this is helps so much and gives me confidence to experiment with the things you show us once the basics are in place.
    Thank you again Lindsay.


  5. This is lovely and such fun! I had the Derwent graphite pencils and didn’t even realise they are water soluble!!! I am learning so much from you Lindsay, thank you!


  6. I usually do quick sketches in pen and wash but this looks so nice I want to give it a try! I might try out sketching an old oak tree in watersoluble graphite and then add the Fall foliage in watercolors. That should look much nicer than trying to get the texture of oak bark with watercolors alone …. I never thought of combining watersoluble graphites with watercolors yet – thanks for the idea!


  7. I had fun trying this one! Your little squirrel is adorable. Got to use some supplies I’ve had but didn’t know how to put to best use! I learn so much from you.


  8. I love your art work!


  9. oh, he’s so sweet and you make this look easy and fun. thank you


  10. You always make it look so easy. Very cute sketch and I like that bit of colour added. Nice touch.


  11. He is adorable!




  13. I just tried sketching my husband laying on the couch. What a disaster. Maybe a squirrel will be better. lol


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