Wildflowers in Mason Jar Painting Tutorial & White Nights Watercolor Review

Hi friends! Today I have a quick tutorial of flowers in a  mason jar and a review of White Nights watercolors!


These paints are an affordable option for folks wanting a professional paint. Watch them in action in this video tutorial:


You can find the White Night Watercolor from Pro Art Supplies on Etsy OR Ebay. Here s a link to the exact paints set and palette I used.

The sets come in cardboard or wooden boxes or in a plastic palette. Sets come in 12, 24 or 36 whole pans. There are over 50 colors in the range and you can also buy the pans individually (for about $3.50) which is a nice option if you just want to try a couple of colors or if you use up ones in your set.


  • low price compared to other artist lines
  • vivid colors (except some earth tones)
  • good quality
  • colors are semi moist and reactivate easily
  • mixing area removes from palette in the 24 count or higher sets which makes cleaning easier


  • some earth tones like sepia are weak
  • many people dislike the plastic palette because it may stain, in that case save money and get the cardboard box set and put the pans in a palette you like more

Bottom line: I really like these paints and about 15 years ago I bought a set of Yarka St. Petersburg paints that I also loved and I recently found out that both White Nights and Yarka are trade names for the same paint. The reason for this is the Russian manufacture name is difficult for most to pronounce so they changed the name for American and European markets. Let me know what you think of these paints if you have used them and then people can get more views on these in the comments below. As always I as not paid to review these paints but I was provided with a set for free for the review. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



6 Responses

  1. Loved your tutorial and paint review for White Nights St. Petersburg paints. I love them also and find so far that they are my favorite.I have not tried M.Graham yet, so we will see how comparable they are.I have Schminke too and also Windsor and Newton Artist grade paints.So far I still like the White Nights Yarka paints the best and my go to paint palette.


  2. These White Night look like really nice paints. They are available on Amazon. One of the reviewers posted photos of the palette and two paintings that I recognized—they are from your tutorials, although she didn’t mention that, but I’m certain she painted along with you, using these paints.


  3. Over here in Poland they are also available in wooden boxes, which is nice but more expensive so I opted for the plastic palette as well.

    I love the paints, they are super vivid and the color selection is just lovely. I wish they had a sap green but it’s easy to mix something close enough with the green similar to hooker’s and one of the warm yellows. It’s important to learn how every colour performs, because as you said, some of them are weaker and could require more paint for the desired effect, but others are so intense (like the violet) that they need a REALLY light touch.


  4. Have not painted in years, but your tutorial has intrigued me go try again! Thanks!!


  5. Loved your tutorial and Yarka paint review.I love them too. What are your 3 top artist quality paints.? What are your 3 top brushes?What are your 3 top papers? You have taught me so much about watercolors and made painting fun.


  6. Very nice painting. I love to watch you paint because you are so casual about your strokes and they always turn out great.


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