Painted Aprons Make Nice Gifts!

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a fun DIY idea that is nice to make for a gift of for yourself!


I think it is super cute and it is easy too! Best of all you can customize if for anyone’s tastes and it is a great gift idea for a painter, gardener or cook. I think I might keep this one for myself though. 🙂 Watch the video to see how easy it is to paint this apron using Inktense pencils. You can use acrylic paint if you prefer and it will work just as well. Use what you have for this!


You can find the inexpensive apron I am painting on from our sponsor CONDA

Cotton Canvas professional Bib Apron
Inktesne Watersoluble pencils or blocks (or acrylic paint)
Stiff paint brushes
Spray bottle of water

1. Smooth canvas apron our on work surface and mist the area you want to draw on with water.
2. Sketch your design in with Inktense pencils or blocks.
3. Brush water over the colored in design to activate the ink.
4. Let dry and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little project and til next time happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. Is this apron washable?


  2. Love this project!


  3. I am always awed by how quickly you can sketch out your drawing. You make it look so easy. I kept showing the progress of the sunflower to my husband. He was quite impressed with your work. Thanks again. Your videos are so inspiring and I truly love to watch you create. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy! Lol!


  4. love it!!! have these pencils because you had recommended them before and as always they work exactly as you said. ordered the 12pk. I love them!!! and ordered the 36 pack just the other day. They are most forgiving too. This is the cutest gift idea and thank you. Never commented on your videos before because I didn’t think it mattered.??? Really? Thought you and all the “bean counters” knew how wonderful and meaningful you are to us. ??? Made the ginger bread cookie card this week too. It’s adorable (and I made it?) cracks me up. “used what I have”. and it’s still cute.

    anyway, was thinking.. oh my, how about running re-runs?? wouldn’t views of those be counted as well? …

    should have said thank you for all of your videos. will from now on!

    THANK YOU!, becky


  5. Ohhhh, that is cute and just in time for Christmas messes!


  6. Love this, what a great idea for a gift. Inspiring as ever. Thank you Julie x


  7. This apron is too pretty to be used!


  8. Hi Lindsay, I have been coveting these pencils and now that I see how nicely they work on fabric, I will have to make a point of starting to collect them. How do you think they would work on shrink plastic? Just wondering. I will probably experiment with a few colours. Thanks


  9. What a FANTASTIC idea. Thanks so much.


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