Beginner Fall Landscape in Watercolor & Schmincke Watercolor Review

Hi friends! The fall foliage is in full swing in Maine and we spent the weekend out in nature soaking up as much of the color as we can! I was inspired by the colors to create this watercolor tutorial for you.


I thought it was a great excuse to try out some new watercolors! Watch the video to see what I think of them and see my spooky new DIY paint palette;)


I am using the Schmincke Horadam Watercolor paints. I am using: Ultramarine, Brilliant Purple, Scarlet Red, Cadmium yellow light, Helio Cerulean and Burnt Sienna. I am also trying out the new ZEN dagger brushes from Royal & Langnickel I picked up this weekend.

Big thanks to sweet viewer Christiane who reached out to Schmincke on my behalf because she heard me talk about how I would love to try their Horadam watercolors. They generously sent me 12 tubes to test out. Thanks to you both!

I also received 6 other colors to try out. I was really impressed with the strength and granular properties of these paints. They reminded me a lot of Daniel Smith Watercolors. Here is a swatch so you can see the 12 colors I received. The big squares were a wet in wet wash and the darker squares are a glaze applied on top.


Bright vivid colors
Unique characteristics from color to color, nice granulation in some
High Quality-Artist’s Grade
mixes well

Price is higher than many brands
Some funny mixes, the ultramarine was PB15 + PB29 instead of just PB29 and Burnt Sienna was PR101+PBk9 instead of PR101 or PBr7
Harder to find than other brands in the USA
Paints take a long time to dry out in a palette, I would probably purchase pans in the future because I prefer to work from dry pigment

Bottom line, I recommend them, I have been a fan of Schmincke pastels (my favorite pastels actually) and their watercolors do not disappoint. I received these paints from Schmincke for the purpose of this review and I think I will probably purchase some others in the line, probably pans because the paint squeezed from tubes take a long time to dryout.

You can find out more about Schmincke paints on their website.

Reference photo by Shanna Leigh at Paint my Photo. (you might need to copy/paste the link, I am not sure why it won’t link.)

I took some foliage photos while out in the kayak Saturday, I hope you are in the mood for a few more fall landscape tutorials:) Thanks for spending some time with me today and til next time happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Beginner Fall Landscape in Watercolor & Schmincke Watercolor Review

  1. I started out with Schmicke because it’s easy to get here in Germany and it’s a reliable brand. But I didn’t like the opaque and chalky colors like burnt sienna, so I gradually replaced lots of the pans with W&N’s. Their burnt sienna is far nicer and I also like W&N’s “gold ocher”.

    But I still use some of the Schmincke colors, like Prussian Green is one of my favorite dark greens although it’s a mix of PG7 and Indathrone Blue, I think, but it’s convenient to have. I also use “Purpur Magenta” and “Rubinrot” very often for flowers. I could mix May Green too but as I use it a lot I kept it for very light parts of foliage. I know a lot of people who use “Neapelgelb rötlich” for a thin strip of sky right above the horizon to give it some light and I must say it looks nice but I don’t care for the Titan whiite it contains floating on the top of my water getting into the other paint pans gradually. I’d have to use a separate paint brush and water for that color.
    You can check the pigments on their site, BTW, and print it if you want to:

    Click to access HORADAM_AQUARELL_D_GB_150922_web.pdf


  2. Lovely painting. If have a couple of Schmincke watercolors, Translucent Orange and Burnt Umber. I like them. Jerry’s Artarama carries the full line of Schmincke watercolors. They are more expensive than other good brands.


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