Stamp School: Colored Pencils & Gamsol AND Liquid Applique!

Hi friends! Today I have a bunch of fun techniques that will add a bit of dimension to your cards and get you using some old supplies!


Most of us have colored pencils in our stash but they get overlooked sometimes because we have fancy markers to use or maybe because the repeated coloring can be tiring. Tonight I am going to show you a technique for using colored pencils that is easy on your hands and give spectacular results! You can even apply this to your adult coloring books! Watch the video to see how!


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Snowman stamp from Country Christmas #2 set (lots of big images to color!)
Watercolor paper (any brand)
White 5″x7″ card
Blue patterned paper (DCWV) or cardstock
Colored Pencils (Colourblend-I reviewed these yesterday on my blog)
Solvent: Gamsol, Odorless mineral spirits, goo-gone or baby oil
Black sharpie
White gel pen
Blending stumps
White Liquid Applique

1. Stamp image on watercolor.
2. Gently shade design with colored pencils as shown.
3. Apply solvent (Gamsol) to the image using a blending stump to smooth out color.
4. Tear edges of panel then mount on blue paper and then on a 5″x7″ white greeting card. Handwrite in or stamp a sentiment if desired.

I know this looks like a very simple card but you can apply these techniques to more elaborate cards too! Have fun with this and let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. This image is absolutely the cutest snowman! DH was watching the liquid appliqué part over my shoulder and he said I need to get some. He has never told me I needed to buy a crafty item before! Does it hold on pretty well, ie could you mail that card?

    Thanks for the great video!!


  2. Thanks, Lindsey. I learned so much from watching you color this. Now I’ve got to give it a try. Now for my gamsol tip. I saved a small jar that pimentos came in. I cut a piece of sponge to fit in the bottom. I poured a small amount of gamsol in and now it’s almost spill proof. Give it a try.


  3. Thank you for your excellent blog and YouTube sites. Your content is excellent! I learn so many new things and I really enjoy your energy and joy. Best of everything to you and yours.


  4. Awesome I was hoping for a colored pencil/gamsol video! I’ve been using baby oil (bonus–it smells good!), but have never used it on watercolor paper. Applique liquid is going on the crafty shopping list–so many new techniques to try! Thanks so much, such a cute image and I love all the shading!


  5. When you turned the snowman upside down it reminded me of your early days – you did everything upside down for us. You should bring one of those black to show the “newbies” I think I joined when you were under 1000 subs, so it has been quite a while – but really not that long. You have grown so fast! Thanks – success hasn’t changed you at all!


  6. I really enjoyed watching this video. I have used Gamsol before but not on watercolor paper. I will have to try that. I have also used the Liquid Applique and find that it yellows over time. Also it will flatten out but still be dimensional. Sometimes also it will stick to other pieces of cardstock (if you were to stack them) or in the envelope. Just wanted to give you this little warning so you can be prepared. I have not used it recently because of these issues so there is a possibility that the product may have undergone some changes and be more user friendly now. One other thing I would like to tell you about in case you have not heard of it is Wink of Stella. You can get it at Michael’s or JoAnn’s or of course order online. It cones in a brush tip pen type of container and is used to give just a subtle glittery effect. Easier to use than Stickles and it dries really fast. It seems to last a pretty long time too. It comes in colors and a clear. I have only used the clear one. I think you would like it.
    Thanks for all the teaching you do. I love your videos.


  7. Adorable card!!!!


  8. Lindsay….What a wonderful card. The Snowman is so adorable,,love the new technique. Can’t wait to try this. I am going to try some sheep with the white gel pen. PS can you use water color pencils? I just got a set of the Spectrum noir water color pencils. Thanks again for your great tutorial.


  9. Hello Lindsey, wonderful teaching video, thank you!
    I was wondering, what if I pour baby oil in a water pen brush and try blending this way instead of using stumps?
    Plus, is this technique good for watercolour pencils? I use digital stamps but I have an inkjet printer and watercolouring makes my stamped image smudge :/ I tried heat setting the image but it doesn’t make that big difference, so I read that blending with mineral oil instead of water would be better. What do you think about that?
    Thanks again!


    • mineral oil won’t run printer in but I would not use it is a waterbrush, you would get too much and it might gum up the brush. A blending stump or pointed cotton swab are best.


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