Fall Flower in Colored pencils! {Colourblend Pencils from Spectrum Noir}

Hi friends! I got a chance to play some more with the new Colourblend Colored pencils from Spectrum Noir this weekend and I drew a fall flower.


I wanted to use them a bit before I formed an opinion on them. Watch the video for a demo and drawing lesson and to see what I think of them:)

I also used them today on watercolor paper with Gamsol and Blending stumps and it was terrific! They have so much pigment in them that when you blend them out with with solvent the color goes a long way and you can color gently with them (a plus if your wrists get sore from repeated coloring with pressure) and get lots of color. They have a lot of color with little filler in them but are still opaque enough to hold up on toned paper too. Also I found that the colors match the old Spectrum Noir Blendable pencil sets so if you were trying to complete your collection you can. You can find printable color carts on the Manufacturer website, they have both blank and colored in charts. The old style with numbers are the Blendable and the new style are called Colourblend. I recommend you print out the ones with the new names and copy the old numbers on them if you want that info.

The only difference I could see between these new ones and the old formula was that the pencils are fatter and the leads are thicker and instead of color numbers they have color names but the colors appear to be the same as the ones in the old tins. The changed the name of the Marine set to Shade and Tone but that is about it. To purchase them on sale visit Hallmark Scrapbook. The bundle of all 5 sets (120 colors) is on sale for $119.95 (regular $174.95) and each set of 24 is on sale for $24.45 (regular 34.95) and since there is no duplications between sets you can pick up a 24 set as your budget allows. Hallmark Scrapbook also has free shipping on orders over $99 (USA only I think for the free ship but they do also ship internationally) Below are links to each set individually:
SHADE & TONE (formally Marine)

Reference photo by Briar Wolf on PMP

If you want more in depth colored pencil instruction check out the wonderful colored pencils classes at Craftsy and save $5 off $25 with coupon FRESHLOOK25

*Please note that this post used affiliate links and ANY class you purchase at Craftsy or Hallmark Scrapbook after clicking my link helps me keep my YouTube tutorials free for everyone! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting! 🙂



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  1. Thanks for the vid, Lindsay, I’m new to it, but I just bought the four sets of Spectrum Noir Aquablend watercolor pencils and have been playing with them all weekend, they are great! I’m considering whether or not to buy the Colourblend sets as well, because I like the idea of the colors all being the same so when I cross mediums I’m still familiar with the color results I’m likely to get on paper. I would love to see you using them with the Gamsol–another future video idea. 🙂 Thanks much!


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