Let’s Paint Pears! Free LIVE Tutorial at 12:30pm ET Today!

Hi friends! We have another free live watercolor class for you today at 12:30p, Eastern Time on YouTube! We will be painting pears in watercolor!



Here is a pattern you can transfer on to your paper:


Here are the colors we will use: Pyrrol Red, Permanent Yellow, Turquoise and Burnt Sienna. We will mix all colors from those 4. The turquoise paint, which is a cobalt pigment, lends itself to lovely texture and granulation in mixes while keeping to color palette soft and gentle.


You can watch the live class or the replay in the player below BUT if you want to chat with us live you need to watch at 12:30pm on this YouTube page and be logged in. Also it is much easier to chat on a computer than on a phone but both are possible:)

You can find all the supplies you need at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama¬†

Turner Watercolors (or whatever you have) in Permanent Yellow, Pyrrol Red, Burnt Sienna, and Turquoise *All the colors I am using are in the set of 18 that are on Super Sale right now for $19 (List price $150!) If they sell out they will get more in, you can’t beat the price for this quality. It is a steal at their normal sale price of $29!

Watercolor paper: #140 Rough Arches

Brushes: Mimik Kolinski (faux fur)

Reference Photo “Pearfect” from Paint My Photo user Shawn

I hope to see you live at 12:30 on YouTube for this fun class, beginners welcome! We will start off easy with the basics and work further to bring out texture with more advanced techniques. As always you can do as little or as much as you like with your painting:) Happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. That is SUCH a beautiful painting! I think it is one of your best paintings ever! It would take far too long to list up what I like about it … and I am really glad you didn’t let any splatter get on the background.


    • P.S.: That was nice of you to add the picture of the the color chart! It’s not only useful when we want to try out painting this – but it also gave me the idea to start out my own paintings the same way and see what kind of mixes I can get from the colors I choose. It also shows me which colors I needn’t buy anymore because it’s fairly easy to mix them myself! I’m going to make a habit of making a chart like that too before I get started.


  2. Your pears look very realistic. I’m not much for realism when painting; but, I like yours. Some time ago, I did a watercolor painting of three pairs and called in Lavendar Pear Mosaic. Nice painting, Lindsay.


  3. I signed up for a class on craftsy, luminous watercolor mixing, and she says to have a warm and cool red, yellow and blue, but the paints can only have 1 pigment in them. I am finding this really hard to find without spending a pretty penny. Do you have any suggestions on brands or a set that has those? Some of the cheaper sets don’t list the pigments on them. The class states its for beginners and I have a few watercolor sets but no pigments are listed on them.
    Also, I watched your craftsy class and it was great! I am really glad I purchased it!
    The live class today was a hoot!


    • for that class I recommend the 6 color essential set from daniel smith, thenew gamboge is 2 pigment but really clean. Or try these colors from where ever you like, Turner paints (linked in the post) area good deal:
      Cool red: Quinacridone rose, Permanent Alizarin Crimson
      Warm Red: Cadmium red or cad red hue
      Warm yellow: Cadmium yellow or hue, New gamboge, Indian Yellow
      Cool yellow: Lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow
      Warm Blue: French Ultramarine, Colbalt Blue
      Cool Blue: Pthalo blue, Prussian Blue


  4. This is a fabulous painting. I just absolutely love the lighting on the pears. Beautiful!


  5. Thank you for the pattern and the color swatches–very helpful. And loved the painting with a lot of texture.


  6. Wonderful!


  7. Love your blog, and YouTube site. Great ideas, projects, energy and joy. Many thanks and I must also tell you that your instructions are excellent. with appreciation, Jackie Sorich

    On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 8:34 AM, Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog wrote:

    > thefrugalcrafter posted: “Hi friends! We have another free live watercolor > class for you today at 12:30p, Eastern Time on YouTube! We will be painting > pears in watercolor! Here is a pattern you can transfer on to your paper: > Here are the colors we will use: Pyrrol Re” >


  8. What size water color paper are you working on?


  9. You are an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. Thank you for inspiring me and giving information about grades of paint, pigments, dyes, and light fastness. I have bought some new paints from Jerry’s (Lukas- because of your review) and tried my hand at pears in water colors and oils. I’m loving the journey.


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