How to Use Acrylics Like Watercolors and Paint Dew Drops!

Hi friends! If you like the look of watercolors but only have acrylic paint I have a solution for you!


You can thin down acrylics to watercolor consistency if you are working on paper. You never want to thin acrylic down more than 30% on canvas or wood but if you are using paper you can do it and it works really well. I even tried this with cheaper craft paint and it worked great too. The only acrylics that do not work well for this are heavy body acrylics because they don’t like to flow. You can totally do this project with watercolors (it will be easier in watercolors to be honest) but if all you have is acrylics it is a great solution! Watch the video to see how!


You can use any soft body or craft acrylic for this and I recommend the brighter colors as they tend to be more transparent. You can also just do this in watercolor if you have it:) I am using Aqyla paint, a viewer requested a review of this paint and the company sent me a set. I will post the review to my blog in a day or two. This was one of the ways you can use the paint. You can save 10% with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter

Here is the reference photo I used by Jan Russ at Paint my Photo.

One more thing!

You still have a few hours to take advantage of the big sale at Craftsy, ALL classes are under $20 and any class you purchase through my affiliate links helps support my free daily tutorials on my blog and YouTube, thanks:)


I love taking Craftsy classes, you get lifetime access and you can watch them anytime! I like to watch them while I am walking on the treadmill and then put the skills I learn to practise the next time I am at my craft table. Here are a few classes I am working through and I think you might enjoy!


Anna Mason is a top notch instructor, if you like painting botanicals you should give her classes on flowers and fruit a look!


Or if you need to loosen up or you are a true watercolor beginner try Kristy Rice’s fun class!


And thinking ahead to items to make for Christmas I am taking this Quilt as You Go class which it perfect for certain crafters who lose steam shortly after finishing their quilt blocks and never actually quilt their quilt (totally guilty!)


And you can always take my mixed media class at 50% off🙂 There are so many classes I have enjoyed from Craftsy and they have over a thousand to pick from and all under $20 through midnight! Have a look around and you will be amazed at what they have to offer across all forms or art, crafts and cooking. I am always finding something new! Thanks for spending some of your sunday with me and til next time happy crafting!

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