LIVE! Teacup With Grapes Watercolor 12:30pm ET Today!

Hi friends! I’ll be back with a free live watercolor painting lesson at 12:30pm Eastern Time today on YouTube! We will paint a teacup with grapes from this amazing photo by Lillian Bell at Paint my Photo!



Here is a pattern you can print and transfer to your watercolor paper if you like:


We are only using 4 colours in this painting, feel free to substitute with the closest you have: New Gamboge (warm yellow), Napthol Red (neutral red), Burnt Sienna (warm brown) and Ultramarine Blue (warm blue.) In the swatch below you can see some of the mixes we can achieve from these colors.


You can catch the live show or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat and ask questions be sure to watch on YouTube.

Supplies available from sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

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9 thoughts on “LIVE! Teacup With Grapes Watercolor 12:30pm ET Today!

  1. Lindsay, you know I love you, your channel, and pretty much all that you do. With that said, I’m so upset at the moment I had to leave your live stream. I don’t think you realize how your chat during your live streams is being manipulated. I typed in a simple question regarding a comment you made during the live stream regarding toll painting. I never heard of it and only have heard you refer to it so I asked several times over and over again if you could tell me what Toll painting is. Sara ignored me over and over and over again, until other people started to say they weren’t being answered either. Then other people, (Jen K) jumped in cuz she probably saw my tone changing and she asked me what my question was and she answered the question for me. However, I am really upset that you are letting her bully your chat like that. I’m sorry, I take that back, I’m sure you have no idea what is happening in the chat during the stream cuz you are painting and not watching the chat but I know that it is NOT YOUR STYLE to ignore anyone or their question especially when it’s regarding something YOU SAID during the stream. Sorry if I’m a bit out of character but it really put me off that she would just ignore me and read all the questions around mine. I know she thinks she is doing you a favor but she is not.
    Big Hugs!!


    1. I am so sorry Reeah, I think Sarah misunderstood me when I said I was talking on topic questions only. I don’t think she realized I mentioned side loading as a tole painting technique,I think she probably thought you were asking about something totally different ans she was probably trying to keep me on track LOL:) I know I would miss a lot more if I tried to paint and watch chat. Tole painting is a decorative painting based on brushwork. Donna Dewberry is a popular modern tole painter you might have heard of. Traditionally it was painting in oils on tin. I think tole mean tin in another language. I am so sorry, Sarah means well and I should have been more clear. I hope you can find in in your heart to join us live again, I appreciate your comments greatly:)


      1. You know, you are such a genuinely sweet person how can anyone ever stay mad at you or anything to do with you, for any length of time, LOL!!! Seriously, you know I love you and all you do. I’m really not kidding when I tell you that. I spelled it wrong too, which lends itself to I didn’t know what the hell it was and I had been meaning to ask you for a really long time and kept forgetting 🙂 so when she wouldn’t answer me I think I took it a bit more to heart than I should have. I apologize to Sarah for being a shithead. I can get that way since the hormone craze set in last year. 🙂 Ha, Ha, you think I’m kidding, just wait! 🙂
        Of course I forgive you, that is if there’s anything to forgive. I was kinda to blame for being a bit over the top so selavie. wow I’m really proud I spelled that right on the very first try!
        Thanks for the very nice reply Lindsay. You know I will be there on friday if at all possible.


  2. I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your talent with us Lindsay. Checking out your video how I start my day! And I REALLY appreciate it when you provide a sketch to work from. So great for the drawing challenged! BTW, come back to Denver 🙂


  3. I LOVE this painting, especially the bowl! The grapes too, I was wondering when they would get darker until I realized you are painting the kind of grapes that are really that light. I would have never dared to try out painting a difficult pattern on china like that but now I saw where to start (with the shade on the cup!) and then just do the outlines before pulling the paint into the flowers.
    I really enjoyed this video.


  4. I just got a chance to watch this video on your Teacup with Grapes. What an awesome painting you created! How I’d love to have that for my home!


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