Acrylic Painting Tutorial: Vase of Brushes

Hi friends! Today I have a project that can be done in acrylics, oils or gouache.


I think I might want to do this one in watercolor too, well the pot anyway, maybe with a cup of tea and a pastry! Let me know what you think about that in the comments but for now here is the video tutorial!


This was the first time I tried Aqyla paint. I have a viewer request a review of it and I will have one for you this weekend. I needed to try a few techniques and experiments with it before I gave my final opinion. The set of 18 colors they sent me sells for $46 and every tube contains the pigment number. It acts like an acrylic but is easier to blend. Technically it is an alkyd resin. You can find out more about Aqyla here. They also gave me a coupon code for my viewers to save 10%: thefrugalcrafter This is not a sponsored post but they did send me the paint for free for review purposes.

I am working on an 11″x14 canvas, my sketch was done in a watercolor pencil:) I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you give it a try yourself! BTW there will be a live show tomorrow at 12:30pm ET, hope to see you there! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



13 Responses

  1. Please do one in watercolor.! I also like the idea of a teacup in watercolor. I look forward to BOTH!


  2. Love this I hope you will do it in watercolors 😉

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  3. Would love to see that in water color too!


  4. Lindsey,
    I would love to see both versions in watercolor. I have some acrylic paint and may give it a try but they don’t single to me like watercolor does.
    Thanks for all the wonderful lessons you provide for all of us.


  5. Lindsay, this was wonderful tutorial as is every one of yours. Please yes yes yes …do that idea of teacup pastry with the pitcher….entire teapot set…this time can you also include the steam escaping thru the cupof tea..thankyou..


  6. Love your tutorials! Am learning watercolor and am looking forward.


  7. Yes, please, do it in watercolour. The tea and pastry is a nice idea. 🙂


  8. I love it!! Thank you so much for showing us how to use acrylics paint! It’s the paint I have and love it!!


  9. Please do this one in watercolor, your tutorials are so much fun.

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  10. You forgot to post the photo of the creamer! Loved the video.


  11. Great job, Lindsay. You always make it look so easy.


  12. Yes, please do a version of this in Watercolor!! I just bought a set of Reeves tube paints, and I’m ready for my first proper painting with these paints!! :p

    I just got them on Saturday with a 60% off coupon I got in the mail from Joann, and I’m adding them now to my Altoids tin with six bottlecaps glued in, ha!

    BTW, I’ve got the phtalo blue in, which other ones do you think I’d need the most also?


  13. Great video. I,too, am not all that fond of acrylics and prefer oils. However, I don’t mind working with Golden acrylics. I have tried many brands and prefer working with Golden.


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