LIVE! Watercolor Pencil 101 12:30pm ET Today!

Hi friends! Today I am going to answer all of the questions I get about watercolor pencils (and I have gotten a lot over the years!) We will go over bet paper to use, best brushes and also what pencils are the best for each budget and application! I will cover both fine art applications and rubber stamping/crafting applications.



We will be live here and on YouTube at 12:30pm ET but the replay will be available if you can’t make it. If you have a question and want to chat live be sure to watch live on YouTube during the broadcast. I will also respond to questions in the comments section after the broadcast it over.


  • You can find most of the pencils I will talk about (all the “art” brands) at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!
  • I will also mention a couple of craft company brands that are very nice: Spectrum Aqua and Prima and they can be found here.
  • The stamps I am using are from Rubbernecker
  • Blender pens for use on cardstock so the paper doesn’t pill

Want more info on watercolor pencils or drawing? How about a class? Any Craftsy classes you buy via my link (including my class! Here is the 50% off link for followers) supports my channel and keeps my daily videos free for you! See what’s on sale at Craftsy!

I hope to see you for an hour (or so) of watercolor pencil fun! Happy crafting!



15 Responses

  1. Do some of the watercolor pencils have a coating on the color that need to be removed before you use them?


  2. Lindsay, neither of your links bring up your class. Both links bring up the sale classes and your class is not listed as being on sale. Sometimes they miss details like that. Wanted to let you know in case they’ve made an error.


  3. Lindsay, today’s Watercolor Pencil 101 was truly wonderful!! I can’t thank you enough for all of the detailed information, great techniques, and experienced advice! I watched it live and also look forward to watching the replay to soak up all of the new learning. Three years ago, I bought the Derwent watercolor pencils and painted along with your tutorials day after day. Now I’m so excited to take out my watercolor pencils again! Thanks so much for all you share with us, Lindsay! ♡


  4. Thank you for the Watercolor Pencil 101 class today!!! Your information and explanations were helpful, and now I will be able to buy the best product for my needs. Now, I just have to work on putting aside more money for my “wants”! Thank you again for being so positive in your presentation and honest in your critique of various products.


  5. Great class today, watercolor pencils, just what I needed!! I have been enjoying all your classes and I feel more confident now. Thanks again,


  6. Thank you Lindsay . . .I loved your class. I have been using my Artiste set from A.C Moore and have enjoyed them. I have picked up lots of great tips from you today. I will be sure to pass them along to my 93 yr. old Mom and 86 yr, old Aunt who have been introduced to the fun of watercolor pencils by me! They have been able to create beautiful greeting cards for friends and family for a fraction of the cost to buy:with the added advantage of an enjoyable ,relaxing and creative pastime. I can always count on you for enthusiastic inspiration!!!!!!11


  7. Somebody asked for gouache-like watersoluble pencils …. the closest I ever got to that are the neocolor II from Caran d’Ache. They are watersoluble wax crayons, not pencils, but they do seem more like gouache than transparent.

    You said waterbrushes are kind of uncontrollable dosing the water … maybe you want to try out the waterbrushes from Pentel. They are the ones I prefer. I use them when a real brush would apply too MUCH water onto the paper I’m painting on like a sketchbook with thin drawing paper. Pentel sells them in three sizes plus a so-called flat I just ordered and haven’t tried out yet. But my large round from Pentel is wonderful, I’ve been using it for years for quick sketches. I tried out two other brands but Pentel is the best.


  8. I have some Strathmore cold press, 140 lbs, series 300 paper. The back side of the paper is smoother than the front. Does it matter which side of the paper I use to water color on? I have never done water coloring before..


  9. Loved this video. I didn’t watch it live being in the uk. I learn’t a lot and was inspired to want to get my watercolour pencils out again.
    Can you do an alcohol marker 101 in the future? I particularly want to know how to pick colours that blend together, especially when mixing brands. I know there are cool colours and warm colours, but still feel intimidated and wonder if it is not easier to stick to a brand that has colour families such as spectrums and copics, although I have promarkers and sharpies.
    Thanks again for wonderful videos. Melanie x


  10. I bought the Fantasia set at ACMoore, they were my 4th set, and I was so happy at how well they released the color when I wet the paper. Easy to liquify and easy to blend. I totally agree that they are the best starter set. My Crayolas and Fantasias were both wonderful. Other brands, wasted money. I did get a good deal on the Inktense and went “full set addiction” with them and am really glad I did. Thanks for all this information.


  11. This was such a great video on watercolor pencils. I learned a lot of helpful tips and you taught some common sense tips I had not thought about. I am looking forward to using my watercolor pencils more skillfully now. Thanks for a great video.


  12. Hi, Lindsay

    Thank you for this video…Excellent!

    T’he only watercolor pencils I have and used is Stampin Up brand. Can you tell me what they would be comparable too in the line of pencils you have reviewed? And what pencils would be the next step up?

    I’ve only used them a few times and have no idea how to use them. I would like to use them but since they are not available anymore you probably would not do a video on them on how to use them. Just trying to use what I got on hand before buying MORE! lol Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it and so will my UNLOVED SU Watercolor pencils.

    Crafty Hugs,
    Paula in Mary…Land with Unloved SU Watercolor Pencils


    • Hi Mary, I don’t have the SU colored pencils but SU never makes crap so I bet they are as good as most pencils:) Totally use them before you buy more, they will be compatable with other watercolor pencils so don’t worry about mixing and matching either:)


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