Review: Sennelier Artist Watercolors

Hi friends! This week I have been playing with a new set of watercolors. I had several people recommend these as well and many folks wanting a review so when I saw a special on them I decided to give them a go. I picked up a set of 18 half pans of Sennelier l’Aquarelle watercolors, the deal was buy 12 get 6 free and I could not refuse. The set retails for $120 and I paid $60 (not bad but not cheap either.) Here are the colors in the set. I painted each swatch and let it dry and did 2 glazes (bottom half of each swatch with the 3rd glaze being in the bottom left corner) to achieve color intensity.


These paints are well suited to glazing. Glazing is the building of color using transparent layers of color. See what else I thought of these paints in today’s review!


I find that I am enjoying this set more and more as I use it. I look forward to combining it with other more vivid paints so I can get the best of both worlds. I don’t think these paints are for everyone, I really don’t think they “shine” unless you are willing to spend some time and layer. They are not the most vivid paints or the cheapest either so I think it is important to decided what features are most important to you. They are beautiful quality and worth a look if you like to build up color with layers and a bit of patience. Many online art stores are running this special so if you want the I suggest you grab them now while you get 18 for the price of 12. I will also say that half pans run either side of $5 on sale so you could always try a few open stock before committing to this set. Let me know if you have used these paints in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Your tutorial on cleaning and straightening the cutting plates are great! I’m an optician as well as a crafter and we need to periodically adjust spectacles for our patients. So what do we do? Exactly what you did with the plates! Wash the frames thoroughly, heat them up, then straighten them! Some of the other people who recommend putting them in the oven were just silly and such a waste of time. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Good post on these water colours. Unfortunately Sennelier are way beyond my pocket in Europe. Have settled on professional W & N half pans (a present from my hubby) and a set of 18 of these have amounted to more than you paid for Sennelier which were over 100 GBP by the way so you can see what I mean. I am looking forward to using mine but will have to wait as they were sent to my brother’s address in the UK (they didn’t post to Spain – boo hoo!) Something to look forward to I guess. 😉


  3. Would love a tutorial on the feather. I am not good with glazing and would like to learn. I bought these paints to take with me when I travel because they came in a metal pallet . Have not used them enough to give an opinion. Thanks for this review. It was helpful.


  4. You said mGraham are your favorite paints. DO you like them better than Daniel smith. I ask because I am trying to decide between the two and I value your opinion. Thanks!


  5. Love that tutorial! Answered a lot of my questions. Thank you! I made a small quilt (a little bigger than a placemat) and I wanted to send it to you. Actually, when I saw the pattern, you came to mind as I thought you may like it and it may be useful for your children’s classes. So, if I could get an address to send it, I will. Thank you again for all your tutorials. =^..^= Renee’

    💓 ” Be impeccable with your word, speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” -Miguel Angel Ruiz 👉 ” No price is to high to pay, to own yourself.” -unknown 👬 ” You can not shake hands if you have a closed fist.” -Michael Tsarion 🌟 ” No master above, no slave below.” – unknown


    • Hi Renee, Thank you so much for the kind comment, I am glad the review was helpful. At this time I don’t have a PO box and I am uncomfortable giving out my home address to people I don’t know. I am so sorry, I hope this does not offend you after to went to the trouble. Thank you so much for thinking of me though and if you would like to share a photo I’d love to see your handiwork:)


  6. Have you seen or tried the Sennelier student grade palette “La Petite Aquarelle”? It is a 12 pan plastic palette with a wide elastic band on the bottom and looks like a good size for traveling. Amazon offers them, but the item has no reviews yet. There are are only a couple of reviews on YouTube and they are in French. I don’t know if this is a newer item or if it is just not that popular. Any thoughts?


    • I have only seen it on the selennier website but I think they have a painting tutorial with them in their youtube channel. I don’t think they are marketed within the USA (amazon has sellers all over the world so they can offer it) but the artist grade has been inexpensive so I think I would stick with that unless you can get a deal on them.


      • Thank you so very much for your quick reply. I found the item for sale at the art supply warehouse website and it retails for about $21 there. I like the look of the palette and it seems there is room in the middle to add some extra pans. I always wanted to try Sennelier and the price for this set seems more affordable than the artist grade sets. I hope they are as decent as the Cotman series in the Winsor and Newton line.


        • Are you a member? If so are the prices much lower than Jerry’s Artarama? They are owned by the same company I believe and I used to buy a lot from them when I had my teaching school open.


  7. I guess there are two different Art Supply Warehouse websites – one in North Carolina named Art Supply Wholesale Club which has lower prices with a membership and one in California named Art Supply Warehouse (which is the one I was looking at and it does not require a membership to qualify for its pricing). I have been doing some sketching with pen, ink and wash, but your video tutorials and demonstrations have inspired me to try my hand on watercolor painting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with the rest of us.


  8. Thanks for the information that paint box is on sale … I always wanted to try out why people are so enthusiastic about Sennelier but not at the price they are usually sold at. I do hope the honey in the paint won’t attract bugs and ants!

    That plastic strip meant to “protect the paints pans” we are supposed to not throw away … did you keep yours? I first thought it was convenient because I didn’t have to unwrap a bunch of tiny pans but later when I started to make a color swatch that plastic strip always got in my way. I could bend it back and shove it under the paint box but if I’d take the paintbox outdoors and hold it in my hand the plastic strip would really be a nuisance. I never had to “protect” my other paint pans before but then the other brands I use don’t contain honey.

    I think it will need some getting used to as Sennelier doesn’t offer a green made of the pigment PG7 .. I have no idea how to mix cold greens or turquoise without it. Forest Green does contain PG7 but also black and yellow and mixing that with more colors seems kind of weird to me. Shows no matter how long I paint I’m always a beginner!


  9. Thanks Lindsay. I have a small travel set given as a gift. I have found the paints to be lovely in their color and consistency. I was thinking of replacing purchasing these to replace ones that run out, but now I can see that they ar e perfect for layering, but maybe not everything.


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