Stamp School: Quick One Layer Birthday Cards and Invites!

Hi friends! Today’s project is a good one when you need a batch of cards or if you just want to practise with a new stamp set because it is on a flat sheet of cardstock. Limited supplies=fast & frugal!


Watch the video to see how it’s done! I apologise for the long video but this is a “stamp School” video and I want to make sure all the steps are clear. If you are making a batch of these I suggest you work “assembly line” style and stamp each item on each card before grabbing the next stamp, it saves a ton of time!


You can find the supplies I used from our sponsor Luvin’ Stampin’ *Use the host code to receive free card kits when you order. Here is the current code valid through Sept. 24th A636C73Q (After that check for the current one!)


For more fun projects visit “Luvin’ Stampin'” Wendy Cranford’s YouTube Channel

When stamping one layer cards think about the ink you are using for subsequent layers. Blue stamped over yellow may take on a green cast and a lighter color stamped over a darker color may not show up at all.

When you are using a layering stamp but you don’t have many colors of ink you can keep overlapping the same ink color until the desired darkness is achieved.

Don’t worry about being perfect, these fun cards area fantastic way to get to know a new stamp set and when you are done you have a new batch of cards to show for it! Besides, people love to get a handmade card even if it isn’t perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Haha! Had to laugh when you we’re planning your activities based on your supplies–guilty–totes! Love the stencil brush tip, thanks for the great video!


  2. These look like fun to do.
    Off topic, I enjoy watching your “Ask a Crafter” videos. Will you be doing any more with Lorraine and Cathy?


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