Free LIVE Watercolor Class: Seashells 12:30pm ET today!

Hi friends! Today at 12:30pm eastern time on YouTube we will be painting these lovely seashells with 4 colors or watercolor paint!


Edit: The seashells only took a half hour so we also painted this during the live stream:


We with a waterproof pen and then apply washes. This is a fun, casual approach that combines loose sketching and a gradual build up of washes. You can use these technique to sketch and paint anytime and anywhere.


You can watch the live show or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat and interact with me and Sarah make sure to tune in today at 12:30pm Eastern Time on the YouTube watch page so you can chat with the community or ask me questions as we go!

Supplies available from sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

  • Cotman Watercolors Or use what ever brand you prefer (Seashells: alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine blue and Burnt sienna) (Leaf: Cad red, Cad yellow, Sap green, Ultramarine blue)
  • Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper (the best “cheap” paper I have found *the 11″x14″ 50 or 100 sheet pads are a great buy and is what I made my landscape watercolor block from, I cut each sheet into 3rds 4 1/2″ish x11″ pieces)
  • Brushes-Mimik (#3, #8 round)
  • Black waterproof pen (sharpie, micron, pitt pen-your choise!)

This weeks Craftsy Class pick: New! Get Started Watercoloring Fresh Florals by Kristy Rice on sale for $19.99! This lady is so upbeat, encouraging and inspiring. I know you will love her, I have been watching her class and her love of painting just shines though the screen. It is a beginner level class so I recommend it to anyone who wants a back to basics class or wants to loosen up in their technique.


Or check out this week’s other Craftsy painting classes on sale.

*Note, I receive a small commission on any classes you buy ANY classes via my link at Craftsy, it helps keep my tutorials free on my YouTube channel and I thank you for your support! I hope you have an awesome weekend and I hope you pop back tomorrow on the blog because I have an awesome free coloring class for stampers using alcohol markers and colored pencils! You won’t want to miss it! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Hi looking forward to this. Love all yr tutorials x u r so inspiring and such fun to watch. A big thank-you 👍👍


  2. Love your teaching videos! When are you having your watercolor pencils clas?


  3. Hi Lindsay…..Really enjoyed the two videos,,,especially the leaf video…Can’t wait to see your new Basic Water Color 101 video. I see I need to learn more about mixing colors, shadows. Thanks again.


  4. I think this’ll be a fun class to take. I’m loving painting along with you on YouTube! Can you do a watercolor of a black eyed Susan? They’re my favorite flower and I’d just love to paint them 🙂


  5. Loved today’s video twofer! I watch from the blog page then feel,guilty as there is no like option at the end!

    Anyway, you mentioned the Daniel Smith watercolor sticks. They are a wonderful bargain as they are all the same price, whereas the tubes are in tiered pricing according to pigment used. They have 1.6x the pigment load of tubes. You can also slice to make a pan refill, more like a professionally extruded pan! Still leaving plenty to draw with.

    Jane Blundell has amazing color and pigment info on her blog, she has swatched practically every watercolor paint there is. It’s fascinating! Here is her article on pans from sticks!


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