Stamp School: Cutaway Card & Beginner Tips for Scene Stamping and Watercoloring

Hi friends! Do you get confused when you try to mix several stamps together to create a scene? Today I’ll show you how to do it as we create this fanciful one layer card!


When you are mixing stamps, especially from different sets, it can get chaotic real quick. That’s why we are keeping it simple by using watercolor to tie everything together. This flat card is not boring though, because of the clever peekaboo cutaway we have put on the front so the inside can be just as fun as the outside. Watch the video to see how!

Video! *Note, this is a beginner video so advanced stampers might want to skip around or watch in fast mode:)

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Please note: This is a beginner stamping and watercoloring tutorial. Feel free to skip around if you are a more advanced stamper:)


When stamping use your largest images first then fill in with the smaller ones.

Use a big brush for a loose washy look and a small brush for detail.

Dig through your stash for old shape cutters that might make cool cutaways on your cards.

If you don’t have watercolors use reinkers or press a dye ink pad to a place to make a makeshift palette!

I hope you try this technique using the stamps and color media you have! Let me know how it goes in the comments below and share this project with any beginner stampers you know! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Thank you for taking the time to make this lovely video. My 9 year old daughter and I enjoy watching your videos!


  2. Would love to see a tutorial on watercolor pencils,which you mentioned in the video above.


  3. Lindsay, your card is beautiful.


  4. So appreciated this video. I know a little bit about this, but, there is always new info from you. I prefer to stamp images and colour them, so thanks for making it okay. Looking forward to getting my stuff out and seeing what I can use to collage some cards. I really appreciate the time and lessons you give us.


  5. Great tutorial for advanced as well as beginners. I learned a lot from this . Want to try it for sure. So much fun and so unique.
    Also I forgot about those ovals I have and will have to find the blade for them. Also have all those Coluzzles I forget about, low tech but oldies and goodies.


  6. Love this tutorial, I do mostly stamping, and you made this look so easy, building up the courage to do something like this. Can’t wait for the one on the watercolor pencils! Thanks again!!!


  7. This is a real WOW card! You did such an amazing job.


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