Get to know your paints by making a chart & swatch binder!

Hi friends! Recently I have been more diligent about what is in my paint. I want to know what I am painting with (and paying for) and I want to know how long it will last. I want to avoid buying duplicate colors with different names as well. You can also substitute colors with confidence if you know what pigments are in them. You can easily find pigment info on the tubes you buy or on online either on a company’s website or your favorite paint seller. Next time you buy a tube or pan of paint in store grab a free color chart or two and tuck that in your binder. Before I got the binder I have swatches tacked upon the wall and in random piles, this is so much better and more convenient.


Watch the video to see how!


Personally I only have a binder for watercolor because it is my favorite medium and also because watercolor is more vulnerable than other media such as oil and acrylics (they are protected in a thick coat of oil or acrylic medium and are less suseptable to fading or other environmental harm.) I do swatch out my watercolor pencils but I tape those swatches to the inside of my pencil tins. You can feel free to swatch whatever you like. Many artists find it extremely useful to take their swatch binders to the store with them so they don’t make duplicate purchases. Plus, think of how smart you will feel when you know what pigment is what not to mention how much you will save when you don’t buy doubles.

I also wanted to mention that if you want to learn more about mixing colors with a limited palette Craftsy has a great class called Improve Your Paintings, Luminous Watercolor Mixing and it is 50% off through Labor day along with all of the other wonderful classes at Craftsy!


FIY if you purchase any class after clicking my affiliate link I receive a commission on the sale and I thank you so much because that support keeps my blog tutorials free for everyone! Thanks friends & happy crafting!



3 Responses

  1. I appreciate your comparison videos. With so many products in the marketplace, your reviews help a person make an informed choice. Thank you.


  2. You are so organized!!!Thats great.


  3. That reminds me – I should swatch out my watercolors.


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