I’ve been Doodlewashed & Cotman Review/Demo!

Hi friends! I wanted to share that I was featured on the doodlewash website this week! Doodlewash is the home or world watercolor month and there are lots of inspiring profiles and product reviews on the site. It is worth a look if you like watercolor! I have a much requested review of my own today, a review of my beloved Cotman Watercolors. They are affordable and reliable and easy to find all over the world. Also I will demo the watermelon painting at the end of the video!


Check out the video review here:

Cotman watercolors by Winsor & Newton are probably the most accessible watercolors you can find on a budget. They are available in tubes and pans. Today I will show you the sets I have:
12 sketcher box
24 USA whole pan set
45 UK half pan set
Cotman tubes

Easy to Find
Uses real pigments and most colors are lightfast

These are student grade paints so there is less pigment in there compared to professional paints.

I recommend these to anyone starting out in watercolor or those wishing to try out a new color on a budget. There is noting wrong with these paints and while you might be able to find a better quality paint at a lower price you always know what you will get with these. I give them a thumbs up!

I wanted to thank Aafke Vultink for her idea of saving the wrappers, she gave me permission to share her swatch photo and she explains her process on her blog.


I hope you found this review helpful! For those of you who aren’t painters┬ádon’t despair, the kids are back in school so I have more time for more varied projects now! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!