The Birch Tree {by request!}

Hi friends! Today I have the much requested tutorial on how to paint this birch tree from my vacation:


Watch the video to see how!

Cotman watercolors
Waterbrush (small and large)
1/2″ zen filbert
140lb watercolor paper

As always use what you have but if you need supplies shopping via the above affiliate links helps support this channel, thanks! Happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. You are amazing! You make it look so easy. Almost makes me want to pull out my mother’s old palate and brushes and give it a try.


  2. Recently found your YouTube channel then looked for your blog, I really adore your work, keep it up. I love your personality and energy 🙌


  3. Oh, really nice. Can’t wait to paint it.

    BJ Nichol

    Sent from my iPad



  4. You’ve definitely captured the gnarly-ness of the tree. It’s amazing.


  5. Wow! I love your art! I always learn so much from you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent!


  6. Love that perspective.


  7. Awesome love it !! Cant wait to try. Waiting for your fall leaf tutorial (also from your vacation – i think !!)


  8. Lindsay,
    Thank you so much for all of your videos! I went to art school, and can honestly say I have learned MORE from your blog and videos than I learned in school! Your positive attitude is so encouraging and goes a long way towards making art fun and enjoyable rather than a torture where you are just trying to please the instructor. You are a joy to watch. Thank you!!!


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