Nothing Says “PARTY!” Like a Pinata!

Hi friends! I have made so many pinatas over the years that I fancy myself a bit of a pinata expert. Never mind that I can’t remember how to make “n” with the “~” over it, hey, I said I was an expert at pinatas, not typing. Or grammar, or spelling for that matter… But I can make one heck of a pinata!


I love that you can take cardboard, tape and tissue paper and basically make a sculpture that holds candy, whoever thought up pinatas was a genius! I like that the art you make is temporary so there is no pressure to be perfect, just have fun and enjoy the process. I decided this time to show you how to make a pull style pinata. This kind of pinata can be reused if you want. But let’s be honest, most kids want to whack at it and that’s just fine, I am giving you an option. The other plus to a pull style pinata is that if you were a bit overzealous with the tape of glue and the kids can’t break it you have a second candy escape route. Because really, it all about the candy. I mean, you probably could fill a paper bag with candy and hang it from a tree and the kids would be just as happy but it’s fun to make something pretty I think! And because I wanted something pretty I used some sparkly deco mesh and I think it really captured the ethereal l floatyness of the jellyfish.

Watch the video to learn how to make your own!

Knowing how to construct a dome will help you construct other cardboard masterpieces you might want to make and as you saw in the video it was not difficult.

Deco Mesh
Tissue paper
Duct Tape
Box Cutter
Hot Glue

This pinata took less than an hour to make and it was fun to do. You can also do it well ahead of a party so you don’t feel rushed or stressed because that is a total creativity killer. I hope this project inspires your next creation and til next time happy crafting!

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17 thoughts on “Nothing Says “PARTY!” Like a Pinata!

  1. I love pinatas!! I watched your other video I think it was 2 years ago now. I have already made 9 pinatas because of your videos!! My very first one was Batman I showed a photo of it on your FB page. I can’t wait to try and make a pull string pinata!


      1. Thank you so much!!^//^ It’s because of you I was able to make them all instead of having to buy them. In Canada they go from $18-25 the normal size. Plus I was able to make a Sailor Moon pinata!! Can’t buy one it stores they don’t make them.


  2. When I taught first grade, we had a pinata (don’t know how to make that mark over the “n” in a comment format) every year as part of our Christmas party. We had to make pretty strong pinatas so that every child had at least one chance to whack it! LOL! Usually the room mother would make the pinata, but if it was a year when parent volunteers were few and far between, then the teachers had to do it. So. over the many years I taught, I ended up making quite a few. We made ours out of paper mache (yes, I know there should be an accent mark over the “e”, but how do you do that in a comment??? It has been a very long time since I needed accent marks, etc, in something I was typing! I used to do it easily but have forgotten how to pull up that little box to choose those things. LOL!)

    One year, for some reason, I made an extra strong pinata and it took a very long time and a lot of hits to finally break it open. (You’d be surprised how hard some of those bigger first grade boys can hit a pinata!) The kids enjoyed getting so many tries to be the “lucky one” who finally broke it.

    I won’t be making anymore pinatas in my life, but your post today brought back some happy memories of Christmas parties with my first graders.


  3. Thanks for wishing me happy birthday! I mean you made me a piñata!
    Well you posted it in my birthday at least – that’s celebration enough for me 😉


  4. How Cool are YOU! I have seen a lot of pinatas but never one as clever as this. Someone should shoot a pix. of this to Central America. People would love it, particularly the Expat folks with kids in Ometepe, Granada , and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua…………all on the water. A Jellyfish!


  5. So pretty! With a breeze and sunshine it would be enchanting!

    Love your backyard! In so CA all we see are more houses…yuck.


  6. this is so gorgeous just as decoration, shame it has to be beaten to a pulp! I have seen a lot of pinatas, especially ones of animals, I could never hit them as a child as it was too much like hitting a live animal so this is so much better but even so this is so beautiful it should not be destroyed.


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