DIY Scratch Board! (Great for Kids!)

Hi friends! My kids love to do scratch board art and I have spent a pretty penny over the years on various scratch board project kits but today I’m going to show you how you can make them at home!


All the supplies I am using came in this months Smart Art subscription box, you can get this box at a 10% discount here or check out their subscriptions if you would like to get your own surprise box of art supplies every month. Don’t worry if you don’t have this exact box though, you can still do this project with items from around your home:)



Supplies-all in the August Smart Art kit or you can use what you have at home:
Clay coated board (Ampersand) or you can use a heavy white cardstock
Oil Pastels or crayons
Black Ink (Higgins waterproof)
Scratch art tools (or you can use small pointy things like an un-bent paperclip)

1. Apply a heavy coat of oil pastels to your paper or board.
2. Coat prepared board with an even layer of black ink and let dry (30 minutes to an hour)
3. Use your tools to scrape away a design.

If you make a mistake and scrape away too much you can touch it up with black ink using a small paintbrush.

If you desire more color you can go back in with oil pastel or ink (apply it over the light-colored scraped away areas)

Thanks to Smart Art for sponsoring todays post! Happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. I’ve found that sometimes the ink will bead up and not want to stick in all areas b/c of the oil/wax. Take a tissue and rub a thin layer of powder or cornstarch on the pastel or crayon & then paint…will stick just fine then.


  2. Craypas has a youtube channel under Sakura Color Products. They have some fun ideas for all levels (including scratch projects).


  3. I received my first box and was a little intimidated. But watching your video has made the process less scary and easy. Thank you…


  4. Brings back fond memories of grade school art class 35 years ago! We used crayons and colored the heck out of white construction paper and then used the black crayon to color over all of it. I think we just used a toothpick to scrape/draw our design. This is more sophisticated, of course, but for the kids the crayon method still works great. Fun!


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