DIY Notepad // Great Gift for Teacher!

Hi friends! School is almost back in session in Maine and kids have already gone back to school in other parts of the country. Why not make this cute notepad for your teacher this year!


No teacher? That’s OK use your favorite colors and images and make one for yourself, it is fast, frugal and fun!


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White copy paper (Cut 3 1/2″ x 8 1/2″)
Cardboard 4″ x 8 1/2″
Grossgrain ribbon (Offray)
Stamps (Rubber Stamp TapestryFruit WreathCherry Blossoms (big branch), Bittersweet (little branch)
Hot glue
Paper trimmer
Cardstock/Patterned paper
Dies or Punches
Clothespins or binder clips
Die inks
Silicone spatula or scrap of cardboard
Buttons & twine (optional)

1. Trim copy paper and clip stack together, apply glue to short edge and smooth with a silicone spatula or scrap of cardboard.
2. Stamp apple and branch motif on white cardstock, punch out and set aside. Die cut any other elements you might want from cardstock or patterned paper.
3. Fold an 8 1/2″ x 11″ patterned cardstock in half and warp around the pad of paper to determine fit and score and crease to make a neat spine.
4. Cut a notch on the cover and feed ribbon through if desired, glue both layers of cover together.
5. Glue the other piece of ribbon for the tie closure to the cardboard backing. Also glue on a loop of ribbon for a pen/pencil holder. Glue the paper pad on top.
6. Attach the cover to the back of the pad (cardboard side) so it wraps around and the ribbon closures meet at the open side.
7. Embellish as desired.

The options with this litte notebook are endless, you can make stocking stuffers, party favors or even handly list pads to keep in your pocketbook. Add a magnet to the back and you can even put it on your fridge and best of all you can use up some of your pretty paper and ribbon scraps:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “DIY Notepad // Great Gift for Teacher!

  1. Lindsay, I love this idea. You make it look so easy. I would love it if you did a video on how to make the plaid paper. It seems to be really popular now. Thanks bunches.


  2. Hi Lindsay, I have a question, I am going to buy professional grade paint I am looking at M graham and daniel smith which is the one to get in your opinion. If you used both? Please I need feedback!! Thank you


    1. MGraham is my favorite all time but daniel smith is good too. One thing to note about M Graham is that they stay semi-moist in the pan so I would recommend them for a permanent palette that stays flat at home, they may ooze out of pans in a travel palette if it is stored on its side and DS paint dries hard. I love DS french ultramarine and would recommend at least a tube of that by them (a lot of their beautifulgranulating colors are a mix including that color so why not make your own, they are not cheap to buy premixed LOL!) I like the 6 color intro set I got on amazon, itis arounf $25 and has 6 small tubes in a split primary color system. I will be doing more tutorials with that set. You could start with that and grab a few m grahm colors like sap green, burnt seinna, yellow ochre to flesh it out. I think that would be a very good place to start and you can mix any color from that, even a vivid purple but you caould get diox. Violet from M Graham if you like.


  3. This is so lovely, I just made one for my daughters teacher. Keep the inspirational vids coming dear, we love them xx Thank you xx
    Here’s the link if you fancy having a little peek at it xx


  4. Hi, lindsey. I made one, slightly adapted as I didn’t have those stamps. I also decided to add a clear pence if plastic so that when the paper runs out, I can insert more. I tried to add a video so you could see what I food, bit I can’t figure it out! Thanks for the great project!


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