Plein Air Postcard #3: Belfast Bay

Here is a plein air sketch I did in Belfast Maine on the coast the other day.


I am using the set of 24 koi watercolor box. The paper is one of the watercolor blocks I made the other day:) Enjoy the quick and easy painting tutorial and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. I love your teaching method. I paint with you everyday. I love your outlook on everything. Go gal!


  2. What is yourttake on Reeves brand of water co,ors?


  3. Thanks for the outdoor series. Loved every part if it and will paint each and every one. Hope you had a nice vacation with lots of fun and tons of me inspirations.


  4. Thanks for sharing this with us Lindsay. I was in Maine for 2 weeks visiting my grandkids and drove through Belfast to Downeast Maine where I’m originally from. I wish I could have stayed longer – Boo-Hoo! I have never used a water brush before and wondered what the one is that you are using, and are there more than one brand/kind? Thanks again. Hugs from Sharon in Florida.


  5. I know you enjoy painting but I don’t paint and I really miss the older projects and the “real” Frugal Crafter tips and projects and more rounded videos. Love you but really want to see more of the style videos you had on when I signed up to follow you.


    • I have severa non painting videos coming up this week. Summer is so bust and I want to enjoy the good weather with my family if it were not for quick watercolors I would not be albe to post anything. Fall is coming tho!


  6. Loved it, Lindsay! You are so generous with your gift! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Girl, do you ever just sit and do nothing? Tutorials on vacation? That is dedication. Lol.

    Thank you for recommending Mimic brushes, I love them! Although being in Canada, the shipping was more than the sale price of the brushes from Jerry’s. Worth the money though, they are great!

    Enjoy your vacation,


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