12 thoughts on “Plein Air Postcard #4: Secret Beach

  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of the year I spent working/living at the Pittston Farm–on the Penobscot River– up near Rockwood in the North Woods.


  2. Lindsey,thank you so for this wonderful plein air painting video it was wonderful and hope you hgave more like this I just started art journaling and trying to learn how to do WC landscapes on my pages this help so your advice I will take to heart since I am trttrtying to teach myself and making many errors but I keep on trying. I wanted to thank you for your time talent and teachings they have helped and have pushed me forward on my learning.
    Have a wonderful day,


  3. I like this scene. I actually like the one you painted in the video better than the one you did in the field. Wonder why that is? Usually when I do two paintings of the same scene, I tend to like the first one I do better than the second one.


  4. I loved this and all the painting you do. I have a question to ask of you. First of all, I am new, new at this learning process. I want to learn to watercolor and I wanted to know how I can learn to mix colors correctly. I have raised four children and taught myself to sew and a lot of things as they were growing up. I am now a grandma and just want to learn how to paint, obviously I do not want to go out to do so. Part of that is at my age I would be embarrassed at all the mistakes and the other is I have M.S. which makes attending outside events very difficult. So I was hoping you could give me suggestions to learn about colors to mix together correctly. I never let anyone see my work that I sketch in charcoal, I tell my husband that I draw “twigs” my back yard trees. He tells me he can see exactly what I am drawing and can tell what I am drawing. He is so sweet. But I want to paint with watercolors and I bought the Daniel Smith introductory set, do I need anything else, there are only six tubes. Sorry this is so long, and I am afraid this will pop up as my grandson’s site so could you please, please email me??? judi abbey allingodstime@comcast.net


      1. Thank you so much in advance for the tutorials using the Daniel Smith
        watercolors, I am so excited. Thank you so much.


  5. I don’t get it …. why add the white to get that Titanium Buff mix instead of just diluting the yellow-ochre-light red mix with water?

    I like these plein air paintings and would like to watch you doing the birch tree one in a video.


    1. because sand is dull and heavy in contrast yo clear trnasparent water and it showed the contrast nicely and it was quick and I only have minutes to paint these:)


  6. I was excited to find this, because in addition to the cotman compact set I bought this koi set too, they were so affordable, I thought I’d buy both and see what I liked best. And this out in the field type thing was exactly what I had in mind when I bought them!


  7. Beatyful work! I know that its not suitable for your work … *But have you ever heard of Stone paper? Paper made out of stone and not out of cellulose. Environmentally friendly. Have a great day!


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