Holbein Watercolor Review

Hi Friends! Today I am trying out the Holbein set of 18 watercolors I picked up for $32 on amazon. I figured this would be a good kit to try since the 5ml tubes were only $1.78 each.


bright colors
highly pigmented

Colors seem very samey, as in, they all seem to have the same texture with little granulation in the colors in this kit.
Many of the colors in this set were mixed pigment
Several colors were not that useful to me and ones I would not buy such as Compose Blue, White, Black and Jaune Brilliant
The Colbalt hue looks like pthalo blue and there is not a purple leaning blue in the kit (but I do love the mineral violet!)

Bottom line: I still feel this set was a good value even if I divided the cost up between the colors I would actually use. That said I did not feel there was anything special about these paints so if you already have watercolors you are happy with I’d skip them, or maybe buy a couple of tubes of Holbein in colors you need BUT if you were looking for high quality affordable watercolors these are a good bet. I hope you found this review and demo helpful and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. Thought u weren’t going to do sooooo much painting again?? I’ve loved reading your blog everyday for quite awhile…but maybe I’m the on,y one that doesn’t paint, or I just have a big mouth…but loved when u do other crafts….wayyyyyyy tooooooo muchhhhh paintingggggg latelyyyyyy…I sit down with my diet coke and used to enjoy reading your blog?..but not anymore..please let me know if that’s all your doing now and I will unsubscribe and won’t bother u anymore…have fun in your vacation …

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    • I have several non painting videos coming up this week. With summer being bust the quick atercolors is all I can manage, it would be nothing otherwise (like most sane craft bloggers in the summer) fall is almost hear tho!


  2. I love that you are doing lots of painting. And your simple feathers turned out so pretty. That’s a good project for a beginner like me. Thanks for showing the way the colors should flow on wet paper, my paints didn’t flow like yours but now I realize my paper probably wasn’t wet enough. Ever think of coming to Ontario Canada to do a class, lol.


  3. I love all the painting and the review of art supplies! If that is all you ever did I would be super happy! You started me painting and I continue to learn from you every time!Thank you!!!


  4. I look forward to your video every day and am so happy to see the painting ones. I like the others but the painting is what I wait for. Thanks so much.


  5. I love you channel, especially the watercolor tutorials. I would love to see a tutorial on the green apples in fruit bowl.


  6. Thanks for the lesson…can always learn something from you! I do like that you usually have a variety of techniques…but if you are showing something I do not do, I can alwaysssssss go to the other Videos you have done! Thanks so much Teacher!!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  7. I also love the watercolor tutorials. While I don’t paint, I do use watercolors with my stamping, and I find I still pick up lots of tips, etc.

    Per the strange color, how does it mix with the reds and yellows? I’m thinking pears or maybe even flowers. Something abstract perhaps? Good luck!


  8. I’m still just dipping my toe in the painting water but I enjoy watching all your videos, though I do use them on cards to color images. I started here 5 or 6 years ago for the stamping but have become knowledgeable on an assortment of crafts from polymer clay to glass bead making to crochet. I have actually tried quite a few new things in those years thanks to the assortment of videos, whether they have been based on your mood or on current requests/demand. Matters not. Your channel… do what you want. Can’t make everyone happy. Know what used to make me happy? Those silly text statements you would add to videos in the editing phase back in the day. I get why you don’t do it anymore, but I used to literally LOL at them and make my family look at me like I lost my mind cause they could hear the audio and nothing you said was funny. Good times! 😉


  9. I am both a crafter and a painter,but what I love the very most are the watercolor tutorials especially the live streams.I have learned so much and look forward to all your painting videos and even watch them multiple times. I also liked your craft videos but let’s face it.. Painting is where it’s at these days.I find your product reviews to by very informative although I must confess I’m chomping at the bit to buy more, I might just become a paint hoarder!I hope you will continue to do them and by the way Lindsey.. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into these I appreciate all your hard work!!!!


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