Holbein Watercolor Review

Hi Friends! Today I am trying out the Holbein set of 18 watercolors I picked up for $32 on amazon. I figured this would be a good kit to try since the 5ml tubes were only $1.78 each.


bright colors
highly pigmented

Colors seem very samey, as in, they all seem to have the same texture with little granulation in the colors in this kit.
Many of the colors in this set were mixed pigment
Several colors were not that useful to me and ones I would not buy such as Compose Blue, White, Black and Jaune Brilliant
The Colbalt hue looks like pthalo blue and there is not a purple leaning blue in the kit (but I do love the mineral violet!)

Bottom line: I still feel this set was a good value even if I divided the cost up between the colors I would actually use. That said I did not feel there was anything special about these paints so if you already have watercolors you are happy with I’d skip them, or maybe buy a couple of tubes of Holbein in colors you need BUT if you were looking for high quality affordable watercolors these are a good bet. I hope you found this review and demo helpful and til next time happy crafting!