So you think you can’t paint? You’re wrong!

Hi friends! The journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step. With that I bring you a very easy painting project that combines easy painting techniques with stamping.


You can use any acrylic paint for this, I am using Turner Acryl Gouache because I like the matte finish and the bright, yet opaque colors. It important to work on a smooth hard surface so the stamp won’t skip. That’s why we are working on a gessoed hard board panel instead of a canvas. Watch the video for full step by step instructions.


Today I am using stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry Use coupon code: MIXED to save 20% on all $10+ orders of mounted stamps! Offer expires Sunday, August 7, 2016.


Plan 30 minutes to complete this project. You can also paint this on paper with acrylics, I recommend a heavy cardstock and gesso it first, or use watercolors on watercolor paper to do the background and stamp with black pigment ink for another option. Give it a try with the supplies you have and til next time happy crafting!

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