Can You Watercolor on Metal? You Bet!

Hi friends! A few months ago I bought a jar of Daniel Smith watercolor ground because they said you can use it to pant on virtually anything, even tin cans! When I got a shipment from Papermart with some cute little tins inside I knew I would try watercoloring on one of them!


The process is really simple as I will demonstrate in today’s video.


I love the blueberry motif (and not just because I live in Maine) because it is a quick, fun and easy thing to paint even if you are new to watercolor.

You can find the tin I painted and hundreds more at our sponsor Papermart!

Oval metal box with lid  or Other Tins
Watercolors & watercolor Ground (Daniel Smith)
Brushes: #8, #3 round, 1/2″ flat synthetic

1. Paint lid of tin with watercolor ground and let dry at lease 24 hours. Your tin might need 2 coats as mine did.
2. Use watercolor paints to paint on design.
3. Seal your design with either oil based spray sealer or dry wax.

I hope you try this fun project, it would be great for gifting a small precious trinket and the tin is a gift in and of itself! FIY we will have a live painting class tomorrow (Friday) here at 12:30pm Eastern Time, hope to see you then, happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Can You Watercolor on Metal? You Bet!

  1. Hi Lindsay

    I now have a wonderful image of you “panting” on everything!!!

    Lovely decoration and so simple. Cool xx


  2. This is so beautiful. Just starting out, learning watercolor painting. Your video’s are the best. You explain everything so clearly. Could you please just add, the name of the watercolor paints you used. I wrote down some, but wondered if there is a set I could purchase. PS I have done five of your Quilted cards,,,,wonderful project, can’t wait to try some Christmas quilted cards. Thanks so much.


    1. I used the watercolor essentials set of 6 from daniel smith that i reviewed the other day, I used all the colors but Pyroll red so you can also mix from what you have:)


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