LIVE “Coffee Break” Painting LEsson @ 12:30pm ET today!

Hi friends! We have another free painting class for you at 12:30 Eastern Time today! I saw this amazing Photo on my friend Tracey’s Instagram account. I asked her if I could paint it and she said yet, thanks girlfriend!


Here is my version:


I modified the design a bit. The tea cup in the photo was the same size as the pastry so I made it larger and full as coffee and I snuck it over to the side more so everything was not lined up. You can alter differently or even put a different kind of pastry in the dish if you wish. You might want black coffee and cherry pie (subtle Twin Peaks reference.)


Here are the 4 colors I am using: Yellow ochre, Perylene Maroon, Prussian Blue, Rose Madder. I can mix all of the colors I need from these 4. If you do not have these colors use the closest you have, it is OK if you need to use more. I just like to try to use as few as possible to get my point across.


You can watch the live show or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live then you need to watch on the YouTube watch page and be logged in, it is that simple:)

You can find the supplies I am using at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama

  • Watercolor Paint (Mission Gold)
  • 140# CP Watercolor Paper (9″x12″ Fabriano Artistico)
  • Brushes (Mimik Kolinski and Mimik Squirrel)

We are going to talk about color mixing quite a bit today but I always have people who want more info on color mixing. I am enrolled in a wonderful Craftsy Class called Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Color Mixing and it is 33% off right now! The teacher uses the same split primary system that I recommend and she goes in depth as to why it works so if you find yourself wanting more info in color theory please check out this class!
*Purchasing this or any other Craftsy class through my link helps me produce these free lessons on my YouTube channel and I thank you for your support! See you soon and Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “LIVE “Coffee Break” Painting LEsson @ 12:30pm ET today!

  1. Thanks for the Craftsy class recommendation. I have signed up for it and will take extensive notes (to help my memory-LOL) I can’t believe I may actually be able to see your live painting class today. I never remember it until after noon when I normally check my email, and your live class is an hour earlier here in Kansas. I’m not sure how to log on to make comments so you may not see me there, but I’ll be watching.


  2. I like the color mixes and the way you changed the picture a bit.
    I also like the coffee rings on the table AND the splatter!
    I wonder if you could do an outdoor tutorial next Friday showing us how you sketch and paint your chicken running around. I’d like to see how to go about sketching and painting animals who refuse to stand still. I doubt I could even get a snail done before it reaches the horizon ….


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