DIY Stamped Coasters!

Hi friends! Today I have a quick project you can make for your home or a gift! Rubber stamped drink coasters!


Watch the video to learn how to stamp with acrylic paint. I am using a special oven bake acrylic paint so these coasters will be permanent and dishwasher safe on ceramic tiles. You can also use the technique I show you to stamp with regular acrylic paint on other objects as well!


Supplies (Stamps) available from sponsor Rubber Stamp Tapestry! 20% off mounted stamp orders of $10+ with coupon code COASTER through 7/17/16

  • 4″ white tiles
  • Oven bake acrylic enamel paint (I am using Folk Art Enamels)
  • Cork, felt or foam pads
  • Stamps: Grape BorderDogwood ForestBrambly RoseShell Border 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • Palette knife (or something to spread paint)
  • Foam packaging film or a foam plate/take out container

1. Wipe tiles with alcohol.
2. Spread paint on a piece of foam to act as a stamp pad.
3. Ink up stamps, tap of excess and stamp on tile.
4. Dry 24 hours and bake according to directions on paint bottle.

You can so the stamping with enamels on other ceramics as well. If you are going to use enamels on dishes just make sure not to stamp on areas that will touch food so you can do the border or a platter or the outside (below the lip line) of a mug. Thanks to Rubber Stamp Tapestry!  for sponsoring this post, don’t forget 20% off mounted stamp orders of $10+ with coupon code COASTER through 7/17/16. Happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “DIY Stamped Coasters!

  1. So pretty. My mom used to use cork coasters under cold drinks all the time. When I used to live in Florida, I bought a set of coasters similar to these and I hung them on the wall in my kitchen.


  2. So darn cute and so quick. I have ordered twice from this Company since you first introduced us to these stamps and I love them. Thank you as always for your sharing and most for sure the sharing of your creativity 🙂


    1. haha, yes it is, I think Craft gossip made a typo, I often get called Wendy or Leslie (just don’t call me late for supper LOL!)


  3. Once the tiles are baked and cooled, will the stamped effects chip off with use? Did you seal the tiles at all after baking to prevent the chipping? And is this possible to use on UNglazed tiles? Thanks!


    1. they won’t chip off, that is the beauty of the paint. Yes you can use it on unglased tiles as long as they are not greenware, they at least a firing as the clor willnot stand up to a kiln.


  4. I absolutely love everything you do/teach us! I watch ALL your videos, and I don’t miss one! Thank you for your time and for this giveaway. Keep rocking it!


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