Paint with me LIVE at 12:30pm ET! Orange Snapdragons

Hi friends! Happy Friday! We will have a live painting tutorial for you today at 12:30pm Eastern Time today!


We are going to paint a lovely Snapdragon flower and I hope you can join us! If you want to chat along make sure to watch the broadcast on YouTube but you can also watch live or catch the reply in the player below:

Find the supplies I am using at sponsor Jerry’s Artarmama!

Mimik Brushes

Watercolor Paper

Reference photo by Barbara Swinton 

If you would like to take some great classes and support this channel please check out these classes on sale at 50% off through 7/10/16 at Craftsy:



Or enroll in my mixed media Craftsy Class at 50% off:)


I hope to see you live at 12:30pm for this fun tutorial! Til then Happy Crafting!


One Response

  1. Hello. I am planning on catching todays li e cast. I dont know how people comment but maybe i will figure it out when the time comes if I watch from your webpage. Ive been following your videos for a short time and am a beginner to painting. Ive painted about 15 now, I am part of a watercolor group at my church and they are impressed so far. I have improved a lot thans to you. I also paintex the seascape you painted from the photo from paint my picture. My friends and myself were impresses lol. Thanks. I will likely come up qith a question or two later.


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