Craft Table Clean Up and Makeover!

Hi friends! I have been feeling like I was loosing my crafty mojo lately. I’d walk down to my craft area and nothing was inspiring me. At first I thought it was the weather (it’s hard to be inside when it is hot and sunny since we only have 2 months of hot and sunny in Maine and I hate to waste it) but even on rainy days my craft room was bringing me down. I needed to clean and brighten things up and I had a full roll of white shelf liner at my disposal!


I had always intended on painting my table top (which is an old hollow-core door) white but it had never sat vacant long enough to do that so I decided today I would take everything off the tables and cover them with shelf liner and re-evaluate all the stuff on my table while I was at it. You can watch the process in the video below. If I can do it so can you!


All you need for today’s project is a bit of ambition and some shelf liner from our sponsor Papermart!

Many times all we need is a bit of inspiration to improve our mood and surroundings! I hope I inspired you tonight! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay, I watched the video. I love your necklace and wondered if it is one you made. It’s really interesting.

    I would like to have at least one of your tables; but, I’m lucky that I can do my crafting standing next to the washing machine. It’s pretty handy to have the kitchen sink right next to it, especially when I’m working with paints.


  2. Firstly, cool necklace Lindsay! Secondly, curious if you do happen to spatter something on that thicker oilcloth type of shelf liner–is it easy to wipe up? Does it bead up or absorb spills? Does it stain or warp under heat easily? Thanks for the vid!


  3. There is no link for the video.


  4. Looks great! Hope it serves you well 🙂 Anxious to see how it holds up to heat techniques! Fingers crossed it tolerates it well, especially with the craft mat on top.


  5. A million thanks to you for getting me started on organizing my pathetic craft room. I owe you so much for making me get off my lazy butt. I went to Papermart to get some shelf paper….I’ve been shopping there for years! Awesome people, phenomenal products…….but I digress. You are so adorable and funny and you inspire me. Keep up the great work! Mwahh!!!


  6. I am about to move to Ireland from Munich in a few weeks so have started to pac up my studio ! Wow I have so much stuff ! I hate putting things in packing boxes knowing that it will be week before I can use it again.The other day I packet all my fabrics about 4 large boxes only to find that the next day I couldn’t find the binding fabric I was going to use for a quilt I am making for my daughters birthday in 3 weeks !!
    Love your videos they are helping to keep me sane when the rest of my life is in boxes.


  7. Lindsey,
    Good job on your table. I know you’re going to enjoy it. I’m not into as many different crafts as you are, but my room was a disaster. I just recently cleaned it up and totally reorganized it. It is so much nicer to walk in there now. (I would post pics, but can’t figure out how.) Thanks for all of your enthusiasm & inspiration. I look forward to your posts every week.


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