Chalks are Cheap! Chalks are Versatile! Yay for Chalk!

Hi friends! In today’s stamp school tutorial I am going to share some ways to use chalk on your cards!


You can use chalk pastels, decorator chalk (the chalk in little cakes like I am using today) or even eyeshadow! Watch the video to see how!

The stamp I am using is from our sponsor Art Neko, mention “thefrugalcrafter” to get 10% off your order or free shipping on orders over $50, whichever is greater.


  • Stamps (Art Neko) Eiffel Tower Grunge single stamp or available in the Springtime in Paris set
  • White cardstock
  • Chalk (pastels, decorator chalk or powder eyeshadow will all work)
  • Cotton swabs or pom-poms (for applicators)
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive
  • Script embossing folder (Sizzix)

1. Cut standard cardstock to 5 1/2″x8 1/2″ and fold 2 1/8″ from each side to create a gate-fold card.
2. Emboss two 2″x5 1/4″ panels of white cardstock using an embossing folder. Rub chalk on the embossed panels to color. adhere panels to gate-fold flaps.
3. Stamp the Paris collage stamp on the remaining cardstock with clear ink and dab with chalk, then rub over with a paper towel to lock in the color. Trim or die cut the panel as desired.
4. Wrap ribbon around the closed gate-fold card and tie in a bow.
5. Adhere stamped panel to one side of the gate-fold only so it will open.

Lastly tonight I wanted to send out love and good wishes to my friends Audrey and Moya who just got married on Saturday. I was honored to attend their wedding and I wish them all the best! That’s what the card was white and romantic like LOL:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Awesome tut! I have had 2 packages of chalks that I got as gifts and have never been brave enough to try them. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Very pretty card!! Love that stamp, already have the chalks, so I will have to try this!! Thanks!


  3. Would that work with rouge, powder and eye shadow I don’t use anymore? I think they contain oil …. when I started a portrait class using chalk pastels years ago I considered “cheating” and using my powder and rouge to get the colors right for a self-portrait. But I wasn’t sure if the oils in them would make a difference … ruin the whole thing in some way. Those colors would be nice and soft though if I only need a hint of color. Make-up from health shops only last for a few months but I always still have so much left and I’m reluctant to throw it away if I can use it for something else.


  4. I have several sets of those chalks and love them! thanks for giving me incentive to use them more. I tend to forget about supplies when they are put away LOL


  5. What a lovely card. I think it is funny my 37 year old son was visiting the other day and he ask me why I had some sixties hair spray. It was Aqua Net hair spray. A lot cheaper than workable fixative.

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  6. Hi Lindsay I love the design, colors and using chalks the whole design . I will check to see if I can find your supply list on your tube etc. I have a brand new 24 Reeves pastel chalks I have never used Wonder how they would do on this card? Thank you so much for sharing Hugs Bev


  7. Hi I found it all the information on here thank you Hugs


  8. Great card can hair spray be used in scrapbooking or should i use something else if so what?


    • to be on the safe side I would probably go with an artist grade fixative for a scrapbook page just make sure it is acid free and archival.


  9. So glad I finally had a chance to watch this one. Such a pretty card idea!


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