Painting with unfamiliar colors (Floral tutorial)

Happy 4th of July American friends! Today I did a impromptu live painting tutorial using the odd colors I shared in yesterday’s post. I figured it would keep me honest and from dipping into some of my tried and true colors if I worked live on camera with witnesses:) Also you could see how I dealt with unexpected reactions and mixes. Here is how the painting turned out.


Since I did this livestream on my own I held the Q&A til the end of the video since I can’t read questions and paint at the same time, especially with color I am not used to:) Here is the tutorial:

If this inspired you to try new old colors or different colors I’d love to see what you come up with. You can share your palette and paintings here on our Facebook page. Fore more details on my palette check out yesterday’s blog post and the Spin Doctor blog. Thanks for playing along and til next time happy crafting AND have a safe and happy 4th of July!


12 Responses

  1. Great tutorial and love the bright colors. You make it look sooooo — easy.


  2. I like it!
    Especially the dahlia or whatever the flower on the right is.


  3. thank you – I think it was there -i didn’t see it – I am slow


  4. This is lovely! I hope you added those colors to your like column now šŸ™‚


  5. I cannot find the reference photo for today’s lesson.


  6. I think the poppy is absolutely gorgeous! The vases are cool too. Lindsay, I forgot to write you that I LOVE the quilt card. I have been looking for a technique like that and I am thrilled you posted the directions and results. So awesome!


  7. Love to watch you paint. Took me three times to finish. Trying to spray paint my two Cracker Barrell rocking chairs. The Tennessee weather over the last ten years hasn’t been good to them. Hot and humid here.

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  8. Am watching your video now it’s looking awesome!


  9. BEAUTIFUL! Someday i want to paint like you. i watch your work on youtube religiously you’re awesome!


  10. I love your tutorials Lindsay.You’re a great woman! Thanks so much!!


  11. The Van Dijk Brown is really awesome for autumn browns and tree trunks shadows.


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