Fabulous One Layer Cards // Use Your Stash // 20% off RST

Howdy friends! I have a problem, I’ve mentioned it before, I hoard supplies. Oh, I have no problem using them or sharing them but just purging them? Never! And it’s a good thing because every once in a while I think of a way to use an oldie but goodie, in this case rub-on transfers (AKA rub-ons.)


I urge you to dig out any old rub-ons you have and try making these cards. Rub-ons can crack and not transfer as they age so let’s make sure they get used! Watch the video to learn a new way to make a quick card.


No rub-ons? Don’t worry, these cards would be just as pretty with a stamped sentiment and if you want to do the resist technique I share in the video simply stamp in clear and emboss in white and it will work the same, or write your sentiment with a white crayon, get creative people! 🙂

The stamps I used are from our sponsor Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Get 20% off your mounted stamp order of $10 or more with coupon code: ONELAYER *Offer good through 6/25/16


Tip! If you own several peg stamp sets mix them up for more options and versatility! I store mine all together to I can combine them easily on projects!


1. Mask area where your sentiment will be with tape or a post it note.
2. Ink around mask with a light ink and then fill the area with small stamped images.
3. Remove mask and outline masked area with a fine tip black marker.pen.
4. Apply rub on in masked area. If you are using a white rub on on white paper apply watery ink over the rub on to make it show up.
5. Flick on ink as desired!

These are fun to make in batches. Get creative with your stamps and use up those old rub-ons! I love using up old stash, it helps me justify buying new stash! If you want to add any of the stamps I used today (or others) to your stash make sure to use the coupon code ONELAYER to save 20% at Rubber stamp Tapestry. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


15 thoughts on “Fabulous One Layer Cards // Use Your Stash // 20% off RST

  1. Hi, Lindsay. I have a ton of tiny stamps that could be used like RST and I have some RST’s as well. I want to mount the tiny polymer ones onto 1 inch wood blocks for stamping but have no idea what kind of glue might keep the polymer attached to the wood. Any suggestions? Thanks for the coupon code. I will check out what I need from RST. kren dot kurts at gmail dot com


    1. I use rubber cement, apply a later to the wood and the stamp and let dry and press the peices together.


  2. Another great video. I keep making cards more complex and forget simple is best. Great results using what we have. Love it!


  3. Great idea!! I have a whole drawer of them and haven’t used them for a long time. I am going to make some cards with some of them. Actually had forgotten about them😀


  4. Just had to say, thank you Lindsay for showing us these cards…they are exactly what I have been looking to do. I also placed an order (NOT a small order) tonight with Rubber Stamp Tapestry and used the discount. Thanks so much.


  5. Love these cards, I also have a stash of old rub ons, and run into a problem when they won’t release, thought about heating them but wasn’t sure if it would work. I will give it a try. Also will have to try the peg stamps, they look fun to play with!


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