Free LIVE Painting Class today @ 12:30pm ET, Winners & a 50% off SALE!

Holy moly, that is a lot to put in one blog post! I am still on screech catching up from my weekend at the stamp show so please forgive this super full blog post! First up I have 3 sets of bracelet kits from Craft Chameleon to give away, the winners are: Candy Trippiedi, Martha Brunet, and inspiredinthehills Please check your email for my confirmation email, you will reply to that email with shipping details:) Also we are painting LIVE today!



. Transfer the free pattern (or free hand draw if you prefer) to image on watercolor paper so you can paint along!


You can watch the live class or replay in the player below but if you want to chat along and ask questions LIVE you will want to watch on YouTube. Sarah will be on hand to take questions.

Supplies available from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

Turner Watercolors: Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Phathlo blue, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Pyrolle Red, Permanenet Yellow

140# Watercolor Paper

Mimik brushes

Reference photo by Sharon Whitley on Paint My Photo

And a 50% off sale! ALL Classes at Craftsy are 50% off Through Sunday! Get painting, crafting and cooking classes starting at $14.99 including my class Mix it Up Mixed Media Step by Step! You get lifetime access to these classes so why not stock up when they are at the lowest possible price! Any class you buy (it doesn’t have to be mine) goes along way to support my blog and YouTube channel so I can keep offering free daily tutorials AND it is fun to learn new thing for different people and even better when it is 50% off! Don’t wait, This ALL classes 50% off sale at Craftsy ends Monday!


Note, Many classes are actually $14.99 and purchasing any class through this link supports my blog, thanks!

I have missed you guys so much after taking last Friday “off” and can’t wait to hang out and paint today LIVE at 12:30pm Eastern Time! Til then Happy Crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Oh, yay! I’ve been wanting to do a nice boat painting in watercolor! Can’t wait!


  2. What an amazing photograph – no wonder you wanted to paint it! Just beautiful….


  3. Nice painting! I love those clouds.

    I have a question concerning W&N tube paints …. W&N says on their website tube paints are not like the paints in pans, you need to put gum arabic into your water if you try to use up dried-out paints in tubes.

    I’m not sure what gum arabic would do to my Pentel waterbrushes when I’m painting outdoors using my tiny Cotman paintbox …. would it clog the bristles? And what happens if I don’t use gum arabic? I never added anything to the tube paints I use to refill my empty pans.


    • Hi Pamela, I know W&N says that but I disagree however I donot like their tube paints as much as others, maybe that is why. Try M Graham, DaVinci or Turner tubes, they will be just fine in your pallette with noting added. Honestly I think W&N just wants to sell more paint LOL! There is less water and maybe more gum arabic in their pans but I have never had a problem doing this.


      • Thanks! I was maybe too rash in emptying my tubes of Qor into a palette too because I read a comment about the Qor paints not being so brilliant after they dry thoroughly. I bought a box of Mijello tubes on sale some while ago to give them a try and don’t dare to fill those into pans anymore. What’s your experience with Qor and Mijello?

        What kind of kills me with W&N pans is that the paints fall out of the pans when they are brand new. I have to drop some water into the empty pan and press the cubes of paint down to make them stick. It was a nuisance before I had the idea of the drop of water because every time I opened my paintbox several of the paint cubes fell out and I had a hard time figuring out which color belongs where concerning the dark colors. If gum arabic causes that I don’t know if I really want to use it. It may be a silly idea but I’d be afraid my paint might drop off the paper later!

        I have to see if I can get the brands you prefer here in Europe.
        BTW, For sketches outdoors I use a Canson sketchbook, I am quite sure it can be bought in England too (somebody asked in the chat). It’s swell for drawing but I can do pen and washes with it too if I don’t mind the paper buckling a bit.


  4. Thank you for sharing your many talents and time with all of us. I enrolled in two craftsy classes thanks to you. Really enjoy painting along with you:) Carla Bakelaar Tulsa, Oklahoma

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  5. Hi, any chance of getting this pattern in a bigger size/downloadable file?


  6. Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for this fun painting! I can’t wait to try it tonight! I hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs!


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