Tips for Impressionism in Acrylics and a Kit for Beginners!

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint Monet’s sunflowers in acrylics. I am using a guided canvas from the Paint by Pablo line available at Heirloom Traditions Paint. Use the coupon code FRUGAL to save 10% on your order and all orders over $75 ship free ($5 flat rate shipping for orders under $100.)


These canvases are wonderful tools for beginners to give them the confidence to attempt a painting that they otherwise might be too intimidated to try. It is also a great tool for teachers and they offer teacher package too if you want to become a Paint by Pablo instructor and launch your own “sip and paint” style business. Not everyone needs or wants a guided canvas, I get that, so feel free to grab any canvas you like, some acrylic paints and paint along free-hand.

All the supplies (except brushes) came in the Paint like Pablo kit.

18″x18″ canvas
Assortment of synthetic brushes (1″ & 1/2″ flat, #12, #3 round, 1/2″ angle)
Acrylic paint: Prussian blue, Crimson, Mauve, Cad yellow, lemon yellow, burnt sienna, Emerald green, Permanent green light, white, sky blue)

*Since I had to stretch my own canvas I needed a staple gun, right angle, and the canvas and stretcher bars that came in the kit.


1. Paint the background first ad let it dry before proceeding.
2. Work back to front. Acrylics are opaque and you can paint over previous layers so don’t be scared, it’s only paint!
3. Stop before you think you are done and take a break, when you return you will know what final details it needs.
4. Relax and have fun!

To order this or any other Paint Like Pablo home painting kit or to become a Paint By Pablo instructor or find a retailer/instructor near you visit our sponsor Heirloom Traditions. Don’t forget to use the coupon code FRUGAL to save 10% on your order! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


One Response

  1. Good for you! So pretty. More of a Van Gogh than a Picasso though I think. Well done!


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