Winners and a quick background!

Hi friends! The van is cleaned up and packed for the Heirloom Stamp Show (good thing I end up driving because it motivates me to do a yearly vacuum LOL!) Before I go I wanted to congratulate the winner of the Steampunk Stamps…..Ginny! Since I realize there might be more than 1 Ginny (and I don’t have a last name) I have emailed you so check your inbox if you are a Ginny LOL! Also, the first 10 people who commented to win tickets during my flash giveaway have been emailed printable tickets so if you were in the top 10 and did not receive your ticket check your spam folder. It would be sent to whatever email address you use to comment on my blog. Make sure you stay tuned here all summer because I have a lot more giveaways coming up!


Today I filmed a few tutorials so I wouldn’t leave you in the lurch while I was gone and I couldn’t bear to toss the pretty Dr. PH Martin Radiance watercolors leftover in my palette so I made a background:


It is a great way to use up that paint and get ready for another piece of art. The video is pretty raw but the technique is fun at least!

Here is what it looks like dry:


I plan on using pastels or watercolor crayons over this, what do you think? I hope to see some of you at the Heirloom stamp show this weekend (still a couple spots open in my second class!) and I am hoping to film a bit at the show, we will see as it is a mini vacation for me, I might not feel like working LOL! Can you call it work if it is this much fun? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Love it…a great Quick Tip!


  2. Thank You Lindsay, Hope to see you at the show.


  3. Lindsay. Thank you so much for the ticket. Can’t wait till Saturday. Hope to see you there.


  4. Wish I could be there, would love to see you. Hope you have a fun time at the show. Very pretty background.


  5. Love the way that turned out. That would be a fun technique to use with kids too.

    If we are putting it to a vote, I would like to see you use watercolor crayons with it. I’ve been playing with some and have been having fun.


  6. I like this. It does make it easier to approach the canvas and see something on it, besides what is there. That background could be a dark forest or a groovy festival. Gotta put more yellow back in it though 😄 (one of my wedding colors and I love it, sunshine yellow with burgundy). You always do such neat works. Thanks for being here for us fellow artists. Even those who think they aren’t artists, because everyone is in some way. 😉


  7. Do you leave the wrap on until you are ready to use the background? OR let it dry and then remove it for more air drying?


  8. Very pretty background Lindsay!
    I think you should do a pen/ink drawing on top of this! It would be magnificent!
    Have fun on your trip!
    Teresa B


  9. So LOVELY.. you could do some white heat embossing on it, a script maybe with a bigger print.


  10. Just signed up on this blog — looking forward to reading past and future articles!


  11. I just saw the video and had to run over here to see the result. This came out so much better than I thought. Definitely a new must try for me.


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