A Southwestern Landscape Watercolor Tutorial & an Unfortunate Bird

Hi friends! I had several people ask me to do a landscape this week so when I saw this gorgeous photo by Terry Dekker at Paint My Photo I had to paint it!


Watch the video to see how!

Now for a bit of brutal honesty, that bird in the tree, what was I thinking? LOL! Someone said it looked like a great horned owl and I thought about saying that’s what I meant to paint but I like to keep it real. And here is another truth nugget, after I finished this painting I did not let it sit like I said I would and should, I charged in there with some payne’s grey hoping to add some better values and interest. It did not go well, it was so bad, I will chopping that one up to turn into bookmarks. Huh, I have not had a painting I felt like chopping up in a long time, I am due LOL!

Speaking of birds, the one I mentioned in the videoย finally few out the window! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Your blog posts crack me up. I haven’t watched the video, but I like this landscape. I love how you keep it real! That’s why you have so many followers. People appreciate honesty!

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  2. We can always count on Lindsay for a great laugh. You are so funnnneeeee! Well, I think it’s positively outstandingly beautiful. And I see a vulture, not a great horned owl, perfect for the setting!!!

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  3. I love that you paint like I do ๐Ÿ™‚ Letting things happen as you go along. I agree – I never know for sure if I am gonna love or hate a painting. Most of the time they turn out just fine,… and then there was the Brusho background and rose I painted last week. I am not sure I can even use it as bookmarks! LOL (tried a new watercolor paper that was horrible…. does pretty good with pastels, though. Good thing because it was not good with wet watercolors.)


  4. If it’s the above 2nd picture you were writing about chopping up? I thought it was lovely as it is! Not that I’m an actual ‘painter’ though, so you may not agree…? It looks lovely!


  5. Love your honesty because we have ALL BEEN THERE ๐Ÿ˜€ Some days there is just no escaping that Great Horned Owl….or the Buzzard…or the Flamingos…. Many Thank You’s for another great video! Anne


  6. ah! It actually helps to watch the video in question before posting comments! lol I see what you mean in a way, ok so it’s hard to define what bird it’s meant to be at the end! But it’s still a great painting! No, I still think it’s a wonderful piece of art! Don’t forget there’s all sorts of types of artwork out there! You could have just “said” it was deliberate who would have known any different! You’re being too hard on yourself! I wish I could paint as well as that, funny bird included! ๐Ÿ˜€ At least you can paint! So you yourself don’t like the bird so much! eh? No big deal in my eyes, you need to get a lil perspective from us newbies who aren’t as talented as you! hehehe


  7. Lindsay- I stopped scrolling to watch this video thinking “oh wow! She even thought to put a Turkey Vulture in the tree!” Made me smile to see how the “turkey vulture” made his appearance! It totally works, I’m in TX and would never look at that painting and think “she’s not from he-yah”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the great tutorials!


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