A sale you say?

Hi friends! I’ll be back later today with a super fun tutorial but I just wanted to let you know that Craftsy is running a sale in celebration of Craftsy turning 5! You can check out the sale page here, Just to let you know I do earn a small commission if you click-through my link and purchase any class and I thank you kindly! 😀 I have taken many of Craftsy’s painting classes and they never disappoint, it is interesting to see new ways to do things from other artists perspectives. Hint: Hit the 50% off banner when you get to Craftsy to see all the 50% off classes in all craft categories, they even have cooking if you like that sort of thing:)



Thanks for reading my shameless sale promotion,the sale goes through Saturday the 21st til 11:59pm MT! I promise I will be back later with a super fun, colorful craft AND don’t forget tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30pm Eastern Time we have the free live painting class here! I hope you can make it! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!



3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the heads up!!


  2. Of course, Lindsay’s class is wonderful, and I hightly recommend it!! There are two other instructors who are also wonderful – Rheni Tauchid does the Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox – I took that one a couple of years ago and still refer back to it! It is a great class and she is a great instructor. Also, Sharlena Wood has two classes – both incorporating great techniques for animals – one for painting and mixed media, and the other for drawing. She also uses PanPastel. I’ve found many of the Craftsy class to be very good, and I was so glad to be able to take a class from Lindsay there. I hope she does more lf them!!


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