LIVE Today 12:30pm ET Hydrus Watercolor Demo!

Hi Friends! Today we will play with Dr. PH Martin’s Hydrus Watercolors live at 12:30pm Eastern Time. These liquid watercolors have been the topic of many questions and requests from the community so I decided I better get my hands on some!

Update! Here is the painting we did on the live stream, you can watch the reply in the player below:)



I think I will demo painting glass bottles with them (Just don’t tell my co-host Sarah, she is still traumatized by our last watercolor bottle project LOL!) I saw this image by Kathy Throop over at Paint my Photo and thought it would be wonderful to render in liquid watercolors. Just don’t tell Sarah, I really need her to help me with the live shows so I can answer all of your awesome questions as I paint so be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page if you want to hang out and chat with us live!

This LIVE broadcast is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama!

****For more info on Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors or other Dr. PH Martin Products, including printable color charts please visit their website.

I will be doing reviews of all the Dr PH Martin products soon but I want to play with them a bit to see what makes them different from what is already out there. I also want to let you know that I am teaching a class on Dr PH Martin Bombay India Ink as part of the year long Wanderlust 2016 mixed media class. The class features 50 classes and 26 prominent mixed media teachers throughout the year for the low price of £99.00 (approx $138 USD / €125 Euros) and you can access the classes you missed if you are just joining now. The class is only on sale until July 2016 and you can watch any of the 50 lessons on line through June 2017 BUT all lessons can be downloaded and kept forever if you like:) Each month goes in-depth with a new media and 4 classes showing you the ins and outs of the product and inspiring projects on how to use it. You can find out more about wanderlust 2016 here. Happy Crafting!


3 Responses

  1. If you put the masking tape on your clothing first, it puts some fibre on it, so doesn’t stick too much to the paper, and comes off easier.


  2. I would of loved to draw this picture but can’t draw the bottles. You do beautiful paintings. I follow you every day..Thanks


  3. WONDERFUL and INFORMATIVE video….thanks Lindsay!!!!
    Paper Hugs,


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