Paint with me LIVE in 2 Hours: Peony in Inktense!

Hi Friends! This week during our free live Friday class we will draw and paint this beauty! We go live every Friday at 12:30 Eastern Time, so mark it on your calendar!


If you have Inktense water soluble pencils it is a great time to use them, if not you can paint along with the watercolor pencils or paints you have. If you have been thinking about getting Inktense pencils check this out, I will go over the benefits of these pencils as well as the drawbacks so you can see if it is worth the investment. You can watch the live stream or the replay in the player below but if you want to hang out and chat with your fellow painters make sure you view it on the YouTube watch page.

Find Supplies at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama!

Inktense pencils: (or use any watercolor pencils)
Inktense colors used:
Mustard #1700
Cad. Yellow #210
Apple Green #1400
Fall Green #1530
Iris Blue #900
Carmine Pink #520
Shiraz #600
Fuchsia #700

Paper: #140 hot press watercolor paper or 100% cotton Printmaking paper (I am using Fabriano Artistico HP)  (I tear down a full sheet to 7″x11″ or 1/8th of a sheet)

Brushes: #4 cats tongue/filbert or round brush, #8 round

Other: Paper Towel and water bucket

Reference photo by Paolo Vieceli at Paint my Photo


I hope to see you in the cat during the live class. Sarah will be here to take any of your questions during the broadcast so don’t be shy if you don’t understand something, we are here to help. Until then, happy crafting!

PS, if you want more cool art techniques professionally filmed and in HD quality check out my Craftsy class and save 50% today!



2 Responses

  1. I’ve a bunch of bright red peonies in my bedroom right now – so I might draw one in this style too. Those in my garden are too small to flower this year, i think.

    I’ve only been to a few of your live classes and I love them very much – they are such good quality and the kind of ongoing Q&A you do whilst still managing to paint beautifully really impresses me. May I make a suggestion? They run at 1730h GMT – most people in the UK get home from work/etc 1730h at the earliest, more like 1800h, I guess and probably miss them (or at least the first half hour) – same for some of Europe. If they were just 30-60 mins later, you’d gain a lot of people, I’d imagine. I know that means your PST folk and your Australian folk might suffer though – I’m not sure how late it would make it for those in Australia/NZ – I guess it depends what your traffic demographic looks like as to if that’s a big concern.

    I think it’s wonderful that you provide these classes and I know a lot of people in the UK already love them but just 30 mins and a lot more could – not a criticism at all, just a thought. Keep up the amazing work!


  2. Hi Lindsey. Just got caught up on this painting with the inktense pencils. I have the 24 set and have most of the colours you used. I would like to have a go at this as I love peonies and although I don’t have any in the garden I do havesome lovely ‘blousy’ roses which I would love to try using the same method. You have certainly broadened my knowledge of how to use these pencils. Like the technique with the credit card. TFS. Love to watch you but it is nearly always later as I live in Europe (Spain). Keep ’em coming. 🙂


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