Jellyfish in Pan Pastel Tutorial (Beginner)

Hi friends! I have another pastel tutorial for you tonight, this time using Pan Pastels. Many people dislike the scratchy sound pastels make and even more folks dislike getting their hands chalky and dirty. Well, this is the solution to your problem!


I really enjoy using Pan Pastels. They are expensive but you can do so much with a thin layer of media that I think they are cost effective over some other pastels in the long run. Watch the video for a full beginner tutorial. Feel free to replicate this in regular soft pastels or oil pastels if that is what you have. Always use what you have, I am trying to show you what is out there so you can decide what is best for you instead of you buying tons of stuff that is not right for you.


Supplies *Affiliate links to Blitsy used:
PanPastels (I recommend starting with the Painting set because you can mix all of the other colors from that one, also it comes with sponges and tools)
Blitzy accepts competitors 40% off coupons! Here is one 4MOM42416

Pan Pastel Accessories: Sponges, palettes and blending knives

Pastel Pencils: (any brand is fine)

Pastel Paper

Do you have Pan Pastels? What do you think of them? You can also follow along with an oil painting or acrylic painting tutorial with them as you apply them in the same manner, I think it makes them very versatile and the palette is always ready with no worry about paint drying out. Thanks for painting with me tonight and til next time happy crafting!




5 Responses

  1. I don’t have any pan pastels but I have been wanting to get some. I will do it someday. Wish I had half your talent.

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  2. I bought the collection you recommended after seeing a demonstration at a craft show. I really like them, but I’m a little unclear about the whole concept of “fixing” them to the paper. At the demonstration. They were using versamark ink on large background stamps and then the pastels would stick to the versamark. Is that enough to fix them? What do you use to fix them? When should we fix them. Sorry for all the questions, but you seem pretty experienced with the pan pastels. Thanks for your help!


  3. I have the painting set and the metallic set. I have only used them a few times but I love how they blend. I am so glad that you are doing some demonstrations with the pastels….I love your site and try to follow your demos when I have the time…..I have learned a lot by watching you….Thanks…


  4. Love your pan pastel video!! Please do more on pan pastels. I have a bunch because I love the colours and the softness and how they blend but I would love more ideas on how to use them!! Thanks. Love your website. I’ve learned so much!!


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