Studio Tour & Craftsy Class Launch!

Hi Friends! Wahoo! Today is launch day for my class at Craftsy! It is so cool to see 4 months or work finally come together! The class is called Mix it Up Mixed Media Step-by-Step and I get to give all of my blog readers a 50% discount on the class! Just click the link in this post to get the discount, if you go to Craftsy and look up the class it will be full price ($29.99) but because you are the most awesome, supportive people ever you get the class for $14.99 and you can be the first to take the class! Oh, and I have a winner to announce from the random drawing for a free spot in the class, drumroll please … it’s Stephanie Drury!!! I sent you an email with your prize so check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it!


So after I got back from filming in Denver I had so many ideas on how I could improve my studio for filming, it is a work in progress but so far it is working out well. We all have different stuff and take part of different hobbies but hopefully it will help you get some storage and workflow ideas to fit your needs.

Studio Tour Video!

What are your best storage ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to move your room around and try different storage ideas. My room is a work in progress, as my interests change I want to have different supplies within reach and that’s OK! The worst thing you can do is expect your room to perfect and static, give yourself permission to change what doesn’t work AND to do what is right for you. We are all different and have different needs so out craft rooms will be different. I hope you got a few ideas that will work in your space or at least you have a video to show your husband to prove that you are not a crazy craft horder, or at least you are not as bad as me LOL!

Thanks for stopping by, thank you for having a look at my new class Mix it Up Mixed Media Step by Step (and don’t miss out on the 50% off deal!) I’ll have a new pastel tutorial for you tomorrow, til then, Happy Crafting!


19 thoughts on “Studio Tour & Craftsy Class Launch!

  1. Congrats on your Craftsy class!! It is very cool and interesting!!
    I am constantly rearranging my art room! I am interested in trying any and all types of media. When I retired I decided to indulge the creative side I knew I had, but never had time to explore because of my career. I really have accumulated a lot of art and craft “stuff” and I don’t want to forget what I have. I also, thanks to you, got interested in stamping and card-making, so there’s all that stuff too! 🙂 See it’s all your fault!! LOL!! And I thank you!!

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  2. Thanks for the tour…what was that turquoise colored metal hanging with maybe lace? I think it would be fun if we could send u some photos of our storage and then have a place where we could look at everyone’s photos for more ideas..thanks for always sharing with us, look forward to you daily…blessings


  3. Love the idea of an old tape cassette rack for storing ink pads…might have to steal my hubby’s from the garage–we don’t even own a tape player anymore! I store my paper vertically so easy to run my thumb over the side to see what I’ve got. Thanks for sharing your set up!


  4. Thanks Lindsay for the tour! My ‘studio’ is the laundry room….and a nice one at that but small…is complete with a 5′ window and an 11′ counter for my computer, printer, and crafting area. The majority of my storage is in the garage on shelving. I store my stamps in pizza boxes lined with aluminum foil (thinking this helps keep the stamps from drying out). The boxes stack easily and I write with a sharpie the type and store from A to Z – makes it easy to find exactly what I want. This is my thrifty suggestion to store stamps….go to your local pizza place and ask to buy a dozen boxes (I get them a dozen for $3).
    Paper Hugs,

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  5. Love your room…so organize… I like your idea on filming…might try that if I ever get back into it…Congrats on your class…I know it will be successful…thank you so much for sharing your room with us…it was fun seeing into your world…tfs


  6. Lindsay, Love your craft room. You are my crafting hero! You inspire me to create by showing me that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You have freed me to enjoy crafting. Thank you!

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  7. FYI for ribbon. I got tired of having to pull a whole row of ribbon off of a spool and then put the rest of the unused ribbons back on the spool, so I got what I call a “Brain f*rt” and cut 2″ x 12″ pieces of cardboard and wound my ribbons around that according to color. I then took heavy duty boxes left over from scrapbook kits to store them in. I have 13″ x 13″ shelves that these boxes are stored on. I found this simplified searching for the right shades for cards ect., because I can take my paper or other project to the ribbon to ensure I get the right shade.
    It took quite awhile to get them organized but they are done and work and look great.
    I think out craft rooms are very much alike as far as the amount of “stuff” ;). We are not hoarders, but artists with too much activity in the brain with no time to use it all. lol

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    1. I live that ribbon tip! I am about at the end of my rope…er..ribbon I guess LOL! with my ribbon situation, what you did not see was 4 busting full drawers of loose and spooled ribbon, it’s crazy! Those spools take up a lot of space as well!


  8. Congratulations Lindsay! What an accomplishment♡ Can’t wait to try out your class. Love your videos on YouTube, they really inspire me to break out my crafty side. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♡♡♡♡


  9. Thank you, Lindsay, for the tour of your “studio”. I can’t wait to show my husband this video lol. He is for ever after me to get rid of some of my “valuables”. I have so much accumulated and know, I can never use 1/2 of it in my lifetime. But then, there is always another coupon… another trip to the craft store and something I might desperately need. I have too many ideas and can use just about everything that is flowing around my basement craft room, which I share with my husband (Mr organized)


  10. the studio tour was Ace! Your room is a mullti use room. My room is multi use also-design, create, store and part of it is my utility room also as my kitchen is only small. I have cabinets, drawers boxes. Not so much as you but it is refreshing to see a professional have a room not so unlike mine. I love it Lindsay!


  11. That tour was amazingly interesting. You are so well organized for your needs and everything is so functional. That’s what I call a real “working studio”. Thanks so much.


  12. Lindsey, I love your hodge podge of storage units. It looks like my craft/sewing room which is also in my basement. One thing to be aware of is that if your basement ever floods you will lose any items that are directly on the floor. I never thought it would happen to me but even with a sump pump, my basement has flooded in a hurricane. I lost a lot of materials so now everything is off the floor by a about 6 inches. I use upside plastic crates to put things on or thick styrofoam block packaging.


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