SOHO Colored Pencil Review (and last chance to win…)

Hi friends! I just wanted to remind you that you only have a few hours left to sign up to win a spot in my new Craftsy mixed media class! If you haven’t already entered the giveaway you can here, good luck!


I recently got a set of 72 SOHO colored pencils from Jerrys Artarama. They are artist quality pencils made by Creatacolor specifically for the SOHO line. I tested them out on an adult coloring book, watercolor paper and smooth cardstock. See the results in today’s video!


  • Pencils are labeled with real artist color names (ie cadmium yellow, sap green) so it makes selecting colors easier and reinforces pigment and color recognition.
  • Highly pigmented
  • No wax bloom on the papers I tested.
  • Affordable compared to other artist quality brands.
  • Hexagon barrels won’t roll off your surface.
  • The harder lead is stronger and less likely to break when sharpened.
  • Open stock is available so you can try out a few color is you are unsure about buying a set and you can replace colors if they get used up or lost.


  • Drier than other waxier or oiler brands so it will feel chalkier than other brands when colored with. I only mention this as a con because we associate the creamy feeling with media as a plus and some people are put off by the feel of a drier/scratcher media.

I hope you found this review useful, there are so many great products out there that is can be tough to choose and you don’t want to buy a low quality product or something that is identical to something you already have. I think these will work nicely with the colors I have as they are less waxy and I can use my softer pencils over them if I want more richness in color. I recommend trying these on a paper with some tooth but they will work on coloring books and smooth card too. Happy Crafting!


16 thoughts on “SOHO Colored Pencil Review (and last chance to win…)

  1. Since I have been doing a Lindsey water color every day since finding your youtube channel, I would LOVE to be a winner now that I know how to use them, LOL!!


  2. Thanks for the video Lindsay….are these pencils similar to the Derwent Intense pencils? If not, what is the difference?????
    Paper Hugs,


  3. Lindsay, Hello! And thank you very much for this review! Would love to see some more colored pencil tutorials! (Pencil only please.) Can use all the tips you can give! It was very informative and I really liked the pros and cons list. Love the way you are not swayed by the company that does the manufacturing of the products.
    Pray for your family still. I think about how we still miss our cocker spaniel and know that you probably find yourself thinking Hazel will be by your feet with you while you’re working. Hope you are all remembering the fun times and the family is fine.
    This wasn’t meant to be a downer but a reminder that you have many many friends you haven’t yet met that care for you and your family!
    Have a great day!


  4. I loved the video. It’s surprising how different the products are when I first started using pencil I didn’t know better wish I had you and the videos to show me the way. Thanks for you time that you put into the videos as I’m more visual.


  5. I bought the SoHo acrylic paints for a project and have been thoroughly impressed by them. First of all, the containers were larger than I expected, especially when you take into account how inexpensive they were. The paint is student quality but works rather nicely, perfect for what we are working on. Great to know that they are consistent across their products.


  6. I have several obsolete Xray films and was wondering if you would do a tutorial on using old Xray films into stencilling materials with ideas for designs and techniques thrown in.
    I enjoyed the video. Will try the pencils when my budget permits!
    Best Wishes,


  7. Thanks for the review. I have found you and I have similar tastes in art products and I listen to all your reviews on products before I buy. Just getting started in art and have tried several products and have gone to my “old” scrapbooking supplies to help fill in. How do you feel about Close to my Heart colored pencils? I have a bunch of them, but I did pick up some Prismacolor recently and find I like them much better. At least I can practice with the CTMH, but need to find a good set before frustration really sets in. What would you suggests for me?


    1. I have not used CTHM pencils so I don’t know what they are like. If you like prismacolor I suggest Derwent coloursoft because they are thick, soft and creamy but the leads do not break as much as Prismacolor. They are also quite opaque. If you want more of a transparent pencil try faber castel Polycromos but they are quite pricey.


  8. Love reading reviews before I actually buy a product and this is extremely helpful. I would love to win a set of these pencils.


  9. Thank you so very much for this review. I loved your tip on how to blend using baby oil. It’s convenient and inexpensive. I splurged a bit and bought an expensive set of watercolor pencils, but I’ve had little luck with them. I appreciate all of the information you’ve shared!


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