So what do you do with that coloring book when your done?

Hi friends! I am so pleased that more and more adults are coloring! I am even more glad that the adult coloring trend is pulling in the most non-crafty among us because I think when people see the value of creating they will be more inclined to delve into other crafts and wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone spent time everyday making something fun and worthwhile? Last year I reviewed a series of coloring books from Color-It. The thing I liked was that the pages were printed on thick, artist quality paper and when you colored on them your mediums looked radiant. Often on coloring books the paper doesn’t grab the pigment or show off the colors. I used both permanent markers and colored pencils and they both worked great!


This is a page from the Mandala book from Color It that one of my kids is currently working on. The pencils are the Soho brand from Jerry’s Artarama:)

I was contacted by the company Color It the other day and they told me that they have a Kickstarter going to fund their next project, an adult coloring book that is designed to be colored by adults and then given to, or read to, their children when it is done. I think something like this could be a treasured keepsake as well as an answer to the question “What do I do with this page after it’s colored?” You can find out more about their new coloring book here. You can also see some of the sample pages to decide if the book is right for you. I really like the octopus one! Color-It is a wonderful company and I wish them much success. Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I will be back with a video tutorial, until then happy crafting!

9 Responses

  1. I decided I am going to use my colored pages as designer series paper on cards I make. How fun to create my own dsp!


  2. Great Idea!


  3. I absolutely love your blog and videos, and your energy is amazing. I began coloring again after many years after watching one of your videos where you stamped, then colored the image, a method I now use on some of my cards. Also, as a needlework designer, I create a lot of floral compositions. I admire your use of color, and it sometimes inspires me in choosing colors for one of my own projects. Thanks so much! 🙂


  4. I love the adult coloring books, but I’ve bought some off of Amazon where the paper was poor quality and the pages weren’t perforated. You really have to be careful in your shopping. It’s a creative way to spend time when you are watching/listening to your favorite tv shows that don’t require your attention. Lately I’ve used chalk and the oil pastels on these pages just to experiment…I’ve actually had some okay results. I’m using some of my pages to make cards, but passing them on as you suggest would be my number one preference. Some are just taped to my wall for inspiration of what to do with them.


  5. I have been making mine into cards since before Christmas time. I use some of the small coloring books from paper wishes, the are not perforated but are good quality paper and are the size perfect for my A2 cards. They are a lot of fun and if you give your cards away to a good cause, slot of time you can use more than one of the same style cards, they do not mind. Bless you. Lisa


  6. I don’t consider mine works of art. Not sure what I am doing wrong – poor color choices? So I will use them for envelopes.


  7. Not sure where to send general question-I’m YouTube impaired so didn’t find comment section. Is there a way to make an hombre stamp? I see theme everywhere but they’re expensive !


  8. I love adult coloring books


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