Artichoke in Oil Pastel {beginner tutorial!)

Hi friends! I’m back with another pastel tutorial and this time we will take a look at oil pastels and paint an artichoke!


Follow along with the step by step video to get a feel for this fun medium! If you don’t have oil pastels try watercolor crayons or chalk/soft pastels. You will find that you can interchange many of the techniques. I got some great feedback from my onion pastel tutorial last week and one of the most interesting comments (made by several of you) was that some people were put-off by the sound of soft pastels or the dusty feeling on them on your skin. If you hate the chalky feel and sound but love the look try oil pastels!


Oil pastels are fun to use and the set of 50 Pentel oil pastels I am using is on sale for $6.69 at Blitzy. They also have Lowel Cornell set of 60 for $6.79. I love how you can get started so cheaply!

If you prefer water-soluble oil pastels Blitzy has the Portfolio by Crayola brand which I recommend in sets of 12  and 24.
The water-soluble pastels are larger sticks and very similar to the Primas for half the price. The Prima water-soluble oil pastels are a higher quality than the Portfolio and the best price I have seen the 24 set is Hallmark Scrapbook.

I have a review on water-soluble oil pastels and crayons on my blog here comparing the different brands and prices that might help you decide.

Here is a picture of an artichoke.

Please note, I used affiliate links to Blitsy and Hallmark Scrapbook in this post. If you click on the link and make a purchase I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please use what you have but if you need supplies both sites have excellent prices on everything! Thanks for stopping by and til next time hapy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see pastels again! I think I’m going to try out drawing green asparagus … easier to cook later and it should need the same colors. The tips look quite confusing but I expect them to be drawn the same way as this artichoke.
    Thanks for showing us some pastel videos again!
    Question: if I need too many layers, would it be sensible to draw the first layer of color in oil color pencils?


  2. Hello Dear…I watch you everyday! You are so inspiring..I’ve learned so much…I’ve been on a spending spree buying watercolor pencils, pads, supplies, etc., etc. All set for some mixed media. Thank you Linnie!


  3. Guess I am going to have to try some oil pastels at some point. Right now my 4 month old puppy is keeping me pretty busy. can’t seam to get much done in the way of crafts lately.


  4. I have oil pastels that I haven’t tried yet. But now I will.


  5. Hi Lindsay, wanted to know if you spray any fixative/seal the finished piece in any way. Thanks.


  6. I have thought everyday since I did the onion pastel that I was going to set aside time for the artichoke/avocado 😜 tutorial. I finally made the time today! I think my first one was better than this one, but it was fun, and I learned a lot. I like the baby oil tip, and I’m still learning about the color wheel, so I appreciate you talking about that. I got a set of the Pentels for my birthday in January, and I just now found out where the name and the number of the colors are….look on the base of the label, and there it is! Thanks for the time you take to teach the world! Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!


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