LIVE Today! Lily Bouquet Painting Tutorial & How to Fix Painting Problems!

Hi friends! We will have  a free live painting class today at 12:30pm Eastern Time. We will paint this:


As I was painting this picture I hit a few roadblocks, I almost trashed it but then I thought, what a great way to teach about ways to overcome problems and fix them in your paintings and save the picture from lining the bird-cage, LOL! 😀 You can watch the lesson live, or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat with your crafty friends or ask me questions as we go be sure to watch on YouTube.

I am not much of a flower arranger or photographer but here are a couple of pics I took of the bouquet we are painting.

lilyboquetphoto1 lilyphoto2

Supplies Sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama!


I am giving away a spot in my new mixed media class at Craftsy (launching soon!) Click here for a chance to win a spot in the class! If you know of anyone who would like to paint with us live today please share this blog post or video with them, the more the merrier! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



7 Responses

  1. I wish I could go live painting with you. But I will be going to a daffodil festival today. Hope to get some great photos to share.


  2. Hi Lindsay! I’ll be there for your live class!
    And, I saw your Craftsy project pictures; they are up on the Craftsy site today!! (Yep, I’m already following you on Craftsy 🙂 They look wonderful! I think your Craftsy class is going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to take it!!


  3. “Painting is like a 18 hole game of golf, you tee off and spend the rest of the game correcting.” One of my painting buddies said that the other day. Made me laugh.


  4. Came into this one about half way through but loved it – such pretty flowers. Are those blue ones stocks? I can’t tell (“stocks” in the UK are I think “night-scented stock” or maybe gilly flower (reminds me of “Sweeney Todd”…) in the USA – Matthiola spp. in any case). Love the lilies – mine are just coming through in the garden so will follow this video when I paint them once they’re in flower as I love your pencil technique as a kind of resist for paint spatter (etc) – “burnishing pencils” are a good resist – Derwent do them in a set with blenders – 2 of each, really good value (in UK at least).

    ps: Whoever was mean re: your tutorial earlier this week, i hope their watercolour paper cockles ;o)


  5. I painted the budgie! It is very impressive! My friends love your tutorials we have painting parties with you!


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