Layered Gelli Prints: Make a fun pocket book!

Hi friends! I am just about to head to the airport but I wanted to share a fun project before I leave. Also I have 3 videos scheduled to post on my YouTube channel this week while I am away so make sure you subscribe to me over there too so you don’t miss them (There will be a travel art kit, DIY “gelli” printing tools and watercolor tutorial posting in my absence.) and hopefully I can bring some of the fun of my working trip to you here on my blog. Here’s hoping for free wi-fi LOL! OK, enough of that silliness, here is a peek at today’s project:


This is a great beginner gelli printing project. You will learn how to layer and use supplies you probably already have to create interesting prints and a very useful project. I plan to use this during summer road trips to collect memorabilia.  What would you use yours for?


If you can’t find the open top report card envelopes just get 6″x9″ manila envelopes from any office supply store, you can cut off the flap and use a circle punch to make the notch if you like but it might be nice to have the flap, it’s your call!

Envelopes (I recycled manila report card envelopes)
deli paper (or scrap paper)
Rubber/Foam stamp & Stencil kits: Stampendous
Acrylic Paint
Stencil and sponge brushes
Soft Rubber Brayer
Gelli Plate (A homemade gelatin plate will work just as well)
Binding machine and comb (you can use a hole punch of you don’t have a binding machine)
Tools like a silicone spatula and hair combs for the dollar store.

More info with video tutorials:
Homemade gelatin printing plate recipes:
Temporary Gelatin Plate Recipe (You only need unflavored gelatin and water, freeze to preserve for long periods)
Permanent Gelatin Plate Recipe (see recipe in description of video)
More printmaking tutorials
How to use comb bindings with or without a machine
More bookbinding tutorials

Thanks to Lava Soap for sponsoring this video, thank YOU for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Great video Lindsay! Enjoy your trip!



  2. Lindsay, Have a wonderful trip! hopefully, it will be warmer than Maine has been lately. Why not come down to Florida? We”re just under 80 degrees today…
    I have to say, I love all your videos! I watch every day and have learned so much about colored pencils and watercolor. I’ve always wanted to try watercolor, but never found the courage until I saw your channel, and now I’m making cards and painting things all the time. It’s all so much easier than my art teachers made it seem in high school. Of course, that was 40 years ago…lol….


  3. Oh WOW! This is a fantastic journal book, Lyndsay. It’s going so much fun to fill up while on your travels, every page is so colorful and unique! Thank you for sharing Nathalie Kalbach’s Foam Stamp, Cling Stamp and Stencil Sets on your project.


  4. […] a comment The Frugal Crafter, Lindsay Weirich, has created a super fun pocket book today using the Nathalie Kalbach’s Stampendous line of Foam Stamp, Cling Rubber and Stencil […]


  5. This would make a great all ages project. Those foam stamps are very nice.


  6. Hello, you make fantastic crafts, it amazes me how you can come up with substitutions and ways to make our own perles, etc.. I wrote to you once before, and asked you if you could use some cardmaking items, and scrapbooking…. I have Bobunny, and many other papers that I have used for my cardmaking and for cards to donate, but I still have a lot left. I have many STICKERs, large with sayings, and lots of other things if you are interested. I am not sure where I asked you, on which you tube. So, can you try to just send me a note back when you return from your fantastic trip! I hope you have a blast ! I appreciate all that you do , love all the YOU tubes! Blessings. LISA. P.S. I will need to know where to send the items if you are interested. P.S.S. If I have some older papers, (whole papers of course), is that okay? Blessings! lbkingboyle


    • thank you for the offer but I have more than enough:) I bet a local senior center, girl scout troop or library would gladly take them off your hands tho:)


  7. I love being organized and to do that artistically? Double bang for the buck! Thank you.


  8. That’s a cool way to use those envelopes


  9. Fantastic. I love the outcome.


  10. I never delete your emails until I’ve had a chance to watch the video. I’m so glad I finally had a chance to watch this one. I learned so much about layering in this short video. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are an awesome teacher!!!


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